Monday, August 15, 2011

Salt Spring Saturday


Since I moved back to Vancouver Island over a year ago, a trip to Salt Spring Island has been on my to-do list.  After realizing that damn near every weekend until October is all booked up I asked Michael if he’d like to do a day trip with me while we had a free day.  So we hopped on the Harley and headed for the ferry first thing Saturday morning.


We ended up with a one sailing wait but it was worthwhile because we had a really good chat with a couple who was just returning home from an around the world motorcycle trip.  So amazing!  They were gone 14 months and visited everywhere from Thailand, to India, to Australia.


The noon sailing was chock full o’ biker fun!


While waiting for our sailing I found this cute fedora at the market place.  :)  I justified it as my Greek vacation hat!


Once on the island and gassed up for the day we hit up the famous Salt Spring Island Saturday Market!  Mostly we bought baked treats to snack on and people watched in the crowd.


Michael picked up a couple of amazing cheeses which we will enjoy next weekend during a fun luncheon he is hosting.

We then set out to check out the town of Ganges and find ourselves some lunch.


Lunch was fish tacos and Dos Equis enjoyed in the sunshine, followed by a toodle around the island on the motorcycle.


On our way back we decided to check out a new-ish winery and vineyard…Mistaken Identity.


We took part in the tasting, bought glasses of wine to enjoy while walking around their property, and had fun taking photos among the vines.


Also for his lunch next weekend, Michael bought two bottles…a smooth and spicy Gewurztraminer and clean, refreshing Pinot Gris.


Now it was very late afternoon and time for us to head for the ferry.  We found time to enjoy a coffee on the dock while we waited and then enjoyed the smooth ferry ride home to Victoria.


Back at Michael’s we wound down our evening by walking our dogs, enjoying Chinese take-out and taking a dip in the hot tub.  Not too shabby for a random Saturday.  :)

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H-woman said...

It sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday!


Orionbelt24 said...

I always loved going to Salt Spring for the market. Hubby came home last Friday and brought me a 5 lb bag of Serious Coffee. I'm a happy girl...both because of Hubby being home and the coffee...maybe a little more for the coffee! ;)

Lex said...

ojhhhhh J, you look fantastic!

That hat is a great find!!