Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stuff I Like: Picnik

Well apparently my idea to post something a little different for Saturdays actually worked out last weekend.  Glad so many of you came out of the woodwork to comment on my True Blood post.  :)  Don’t worry I know it was because of the Alcide photo, not because you really love me.

But don’t be getting your hopes up that every week will involve a shirtless man.  I can’t be selling myself out like that you know.

Ryan Reynolds

Oh wait.  I guess I can.  You are welcome.

But honestly, this post isn’t about shirtless Ryan Reynolds.  I swear.  It’s about…which I’m pretty sure I might have been the last to know about.  Here I was just posting my own pictures with no edits, no collages, no text and all along I could have been making things super extra cool.


My Mom was actually the one that clued me in to Picnik’s free uses but it wasn’t until I emailed Elizabeth to ask how she was making her coolio collages that I realized I should be using the premium paid version. 


Seriously.  It’s $25 for a whole year and you get all kinds of awesome extras.  So far I’ve mainly used it for fiddling with collages…which I am loving for posts where I have tons of pics to show you guys but don’t want to drag it on forever.  It’s so nice to just take an extra couple of minutes to combine a set of photos together!


Of course, there are a whole bunch more options available too.  Like adding special effects, picture frames, or even cutesy stickers.  You can also actually edit your photos in Picnik (although I’ve usually already edited mine before uploading).  Mostly I like to add shading, vignetting, or interesting effects.


But every now and then it’s fun to act like a teenager too.


Because I know you all love it.

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Nicole said...

you are psychic!! i was just going to email you to find out what you were using for these cool pics!!!! awesome!!!

Born to Run said...

You're so funny! :-)

Michelle said...

Apparently, you were the second to last person to know about picnik!!! This is so cool!!

Jessica said...

I love piknic! I actually edited all our wedding photos with it!! It's amazing!

I'm super curious how you did the smartie picture, I've been trying to figure that out forever!!

Kinder said...

Very cool pictures. I have never heard of piknic either. Will have to keep it in mind. Love, love, love those abs (=

DaMora said...

I love picnik too. It's so easy to get addicted to playing around with all the fun editing tools.

Jojo said...

Beautiful pics - good eye :-)

Shirls said...

OMG you had me at shirtless Ryan, have you seen the HUGO boss commercial he stars in? simply put - yum.

I have never heard of this magical photo place either...I think I'm going to have to check it out!

Orionbelt24 said...

I am commenting simply to encourage shirtless Saturdays!

jimdaniel said...

You can find all sorts of fun effects at

Heather said...

Yay! Another Victoria food blogger! I am so happy to discover your blog:)

P.S. Love the abs!