Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stuff I Like: Running Off The Reese’s

Whooops, apparently I forgot to provide y’all with a post last weekend.  My bad.  I’m sure you are all completely heart broken.  :)

Well, never fear.  I have faith you will forgive me after you check out this week’s link to something I like (unless of course you’ve already discovered the hilarious Cely…then nevermind…feel free to hate me).

If you have not checked out Running off the Reese’s go do it NOW.  I discovered this gal via someone else’s blog a few months back and honestly it’s the one blog I make sure I read every day.  (Sorry, real life friends!)

Things I like:

  • her super cute Frenchie
  • the sarcasm
  • Snickers love
  • her weekends on a houseboat
  • her intense hatred for Texas weather
  • she’s uses Picnik too!

For you running peeps Cely offers all kinds of insight and opinions on training for a marathon.  I’m not a runner but I still love reading everything she has to say.  It’s especially awesome that she struggles with every run but is pushing her way through training and is determined as all hell.  It’s not all happy sunshine and lollipops.

I love that she highlights all of her posts with awesome pop culture photos, references and personal comments.  It seriously keeps me up to date on everything to do with shirtless True Blood men, drunken Lindsay Lohan, and those uber-Royals the Middleton sisters.

And if none of that convinces you then just know this one thing… on Mondays she does posts that include nothing but pictures of hot famous guys. Magnificent Men of Monday - How else would you start your week?

Note: all photos on this post totally stolen from RotR…I’m sure she won’t mind.  much.  She gives the sources on her blog so I’m being lazy and not giving them here.

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1 comment:

sarah said...

And thanks to YOU, I found her blog. I also make sure to read Running off the Reese's every day. I'm pretty obsessed with it. Her Frenchie, Peggy, is so darn cute. I want one. There is nothing about her blog that isn't awesome. lol