Saturday, August 06, 2011

Stuff I Like: True Blood

I realize that I’m hardly ever around to post on the weekends anymore.  Mostly you can chalk that up to the fact that sun has shown up around here so I try to be outside and not chained to a computer.  Oh and the fact that the new man in my life has a bigass TV and a hot tub.  Oh and he’s kind of fun to hang around with too. :)

So while I’m off drinking too much micro brewed beer with him I thought I’d try to start a new tradition of Saturday posts highlighting random fun stuff I’m into right now.

And while I should probably start with something new and interesting that you all haven’t seen a zillion times, I just can’t pass up this opportunity to say:  isn’t True Blood Season 4 just too bloody awesome?!  (pun intended…mwahaha)

Alcide.  You are welcome.

The gentler, kinder Eric.  Swoon.

My favourite since the beginning, Pam.  Absolute

And let’s not forget Lafayette.  Hooker.

  • Do you watch? 
  • Who’s your fave? 
  • Who do you hate? 
  • Are you loving Season 4?
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thoroughlymodernmiri said...

I am addicted to True Blood. After the first season, I went and read all the books from the Sookie Stackhouse series. I like the HBO series much better than the books... Alcide being one of the reasons. Holy hotness!

PJ Geek said...

Hookah! you is all that! YES! true blood fan here. I've been reading your blog but have never commented. So Hey! waving. I had toast with banana and peanut butter this week! and a great salad, so thanks for the foodie photos.

I've just RE-READ all the books because I'm enjoying season 4 so much. King Bill, Sweet Eric, Wolfie Alcide..somewhat stupid wannabe-were panther Jason even. Sam-woof.
I'm rooting for Eric. The scene where Sookie admonishes him: "Eric! you just ate my fairy Godmother!" and Eric smiles and scrunches his head like a little boy. ! Priceless and one I've 'rewound and watched' over and over

Anonymous said...

Thing is, I LOVE the Southern Fried Vampire Mysteries, so Tru Blood just doesn't appeal to me as much as it could if I hadn't been a fan of the books. The liberties they take with the storyline (to make it sexier and more HBOish) really kinda turn me off. I've seen the first two seasons on DVD, and while they're good for what they are (an HBO series) I don't think they do Charlaine Harris any justice. And what they did with Claudine in season 2? JUST PLAIN WRONG.

Oh well...

Watchmeshine said...

At first I was liking the Sookie/Bill relationship quite a lot and was worried that Eric would somehow mess that up. But with this season and how Eric bought the house because he knew she'd come back, etc. Awwww - how sweet is that?! And this whole season with the two of them has been electric! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them together.

At first I saw Eric as a bit of a bad boy and had that dangerous side and all that, but now, memory-wiped-and-gets-to-start-over-and-be-innocent Eric melts my heart!

Phew! Can't wait for Sunday's episode (which I watch on Monday, when it's downloaded and commercial-free)!

Waiting sucks... he he:)

Kara said...

This might be the only time in my life I will ever say this, I do believe I could handle Erik and Alcide at the same time! TMI? Sorry! Can't resist! :P

carla said...

I cant get into it at all.
Justin Timberlake?
can we talk?!



EmilyS81 said...

Yes! I watch...and am sooooo addicted! A fave is hard to decide on, as each character was built to have so much to love/hate about them. I will say this, thank you Alcide for taking a tip from Taylor Lautner and losing the shirt. Amen. Season 4 started off a little weird for me…with the faries…but has definitely picked up and hooked me once again. Sunday nights are once again bliss!