Friday, August 12, 2011


Morning everyone!  Happy Friday!  Here we are almost at the weekend and I’m finally caught up on blog posts for the week.  Say hello to yesterday!


See that gorgeous smoothie presented to me before leaving Michael’s yesterday morning…it’s pretty exciting that his fridge always contains yummy almond milk!  Especially when he whips it up with bananas, egg, and blueberries.


I had to run off for a doctor’s appointment so I treated myself to Starbies on the way home. Half sweet vanilla iced coffee with milk and the only treat I seem to like there anymore…lemon poppy seed loaf.


When lunch rolled around I was happy to open up a can of Habitant Pea Soup.  I knew salad would be served with dinner and I’d been thinking about this soup since I bought it.


Yummy in my tummy.

As was my daily salted chocolate ration.  Take THAT chocolate!  You haven’t beat me yet!


Come late afternoon I grabbed another nectarine but decided to add a side of almonds.  My eye was twitching like crazy which can be a sign of not enough potassium (apparently) and since I don’t have bananas on hand I figured this was a good way to go.


Anyone ever get that twitchy eye?!  It happens to me all the time but the banana trick always works.  Probably an old wives tale but it works for me I swear!  (the almonds seemed to work too!)


There’s the dinner salad I promised.  I needed it to brighten up those beige leftovers!!  No big silver bowl, just a stack of lettuce, carrots, peppers, cukes, and blue cheese dressing.


To spruce up Wednesday night’s leftovers I added sautéed mushroom and onions to the pork, and sliced and pan “fried” the already buttery herbed potatoes.


Holy deeeelish potatoes!


After strolling Miss Chibi around the block and staring a two episodes of the dumbest show I can’t stop watching Big Brother 13 I settled into another bowl of blueberries, granola and yogurt. 

I hope it’s a sunny weekend where you are. I’ve had a busy week and am looking forward to an adventure with Michael tomorrow!  Have a great weekend!

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Shirls said...

as per normal the pictures are always so beautiful. how do you find not having meat at dinner? I find that I'm super snacky if I don't have it..

Jaime said...

Not sure what you mean...I had pork in my dinner. :) It's pretty rare I don't have meat...and if I don't then it's because I'm having seafood or at least beans/legumes.

Jenn said...

As always Jaime, love reading your blog! Last summer it was your cross Canada Adventure! This summer you are really making me want to see Vancouver Island!

Thank you for your wonderful blog!


Kara said...

The smoothie had an egg in it? I assume it was raw (although hard boiled would be funny!). Can you taste it?

Michelle said...

Mmmm . . . all the pics look so lovely. I have been big into BIG salads lately and I have to say, it really controls how much I eat for dinner and the rest of the evening.

I can't stop watching BB13 either. It's a train wreck and my secret shame. I want to stop watching it and I can't!!!

Jaime said...

@Kara: yup, raw egg. I probably wouldn't do it myself but he likes to add it for protein and texture. You can't taste it. :)