Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Weekend Puttering

After our delicious Friday night dinner Michael I headed to his place to curl up with the dogs and watch a movie (The Company Men…pretty good FYI). 

Saturday morning we got off to a casual, slow start with coffee, toast and smoothies.


Chocolate almond milk and banana smoothies to be exact.


Most of the day was spent puttering around his house and tackling chores.  While I cleaned the interior of my car Michael washed his deck and then later he got Burl to help him start the fresh painting.


While he finished up some chores I took my car for a run through a car wash and picked up a simple Summery dinner for us.


Maybe because I haven’t been eating much red meat lately I have been craving a roast beef sammich all week so I stopped at the grocery deli to make it happen.  Garlic roast beef served on cheese buns with Dijon mustard, mayo, horseradish, pickles and a wee smidge of cheddar cheese.

For the side I grabbed two salads from the deli…Thai Broccoli Salad with peanut sauce, and a traditional Dijon potato salad.


Delicious crunchy krinkle chips and an electrolyte filled glass of vitamin C water helped complete the refreshing meal.


After dinner we settled in with our beer and another movie (Just Go With It…FYI don’t bother…just bad).

Sunday morning we were up and at it bright and early so Michael could get a fresh coat of paint on the deck before the sun got too high in the sky.  While he worked away on that I worked away on brunch.


I spent about half an hour rooting around in his garden picking a fresh batch of strawberries to serve with the French Toast I was putting together.  This time the French Toast was made with leftover Italian loaf.  Nom.


Cheesy scrambled eggs with salsa to complete the dish.


Once the chores were completed and the dogs were run in the park we decided to take the motorcycle out for a ride.  Since I had some keys to pick up from some friends we took the opportunity to head out to Sidney by the Sea and stopped for a mid-day snack.


And by snack I clearly mean Caesars, yam fries, and mini sliders!

We were serenaded by a fun oldies band doing their thing in the band shell just down the boardwalk.


Later in the evening we settled into a simple dinner of leftovers.  Michael’s sister Brenda whipped up a batch of corn chowder before she moved out this week so we gladly ate it up as our appetizer.


Then followed that up with more leftovers from a family dinner I missed out on earlier in the week.  Sausages simmered in tomato sauce (I gave all of my green peppers to him…ewwww) with a side of tortellini.


Nothing like a simple reheat to make the last meal of the weekend easy and fun.  Of course, now Michael will probably have to buy himself groceries since I basically helped demolish anything worth eating I found in his fridge.

That’s what girls are for though, right? :)

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AndreaClaire said...

Is there anything an electrolyte filled glass of vitamin C water (especially when it's from Phillips) can't complete?

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing the shots.