Thursday, August 11, 2011

Winning the Grocery War


You know what happens when you meal plan, make a real grocery list, and actually stick to all of it?  You get fresh meals, leftovers, and full use of everything perishable in your fridge.

Bread keeps in the freezer so I stashed the rest of the open loaf away and stuck to yogurt and blueberries with hemp seeds for breakfast yesterday morning.  Sorry toast, but fresh blueberries are winning the breakfast war.


It’s possible to eat pretty much the same salad every day but just changing the dressing makes it seem totally different.


It also helps to use up the leftover rice and tzatziki that wouldn’t last another day in the fridge.

Afternoon sweet tooth.  Still managing one square per day but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been considering mowing through the whole bar.  Nom.


Finally BC nectarines are here. 


With the leftovers all taken care of it was time for a proper dinner.  Seafood was actually on my grocery list but I switched it out for this marinated pork loin chop instead.  Half the price and big enough for two dinners.


All I had to do was cook it up under the broiler.  I matched it up with the rest of Monday night’s zucchini…this time coated with olive oil and sprinkled with s&p and cooked under the broiler with the pork.  Topped it with bocconcini cheese while it was still crazy hot.


Also found hiding in the produce drawer were some new potatoes I didn’t use up last week.  Quartered, boiled, and tossed with butter and fresh parsley and chives from my patio planters.


Easy peasy and comforting.  Not to mention pretty darn tasty.

After dinner Chibi and I headed out to hang out with Michael and Burl for the evening.  Instead of dessert I shared a beer with Michael while we relaxed in the hot tub. 

Yeah.  The hot tub again.  Twist my rubber arm.  ;)

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Anonymous said...

Can I have some of your meal planning mojo? While I wait for that to arrive, I'll be here giggling over Frankie the Frenchie photos. xo