Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bon Voyage

Hi kids!  Right now I’ve been up since 5am traveling across the skies on my way to Greece!  Tiffaney and I will think of you all fondly as we walk the beaches, enjoy the feta cheese, and dip our toes in the Aegean Sea.

I haven’t scheduled any extra posts while I’m gone so don’t miss me tooooo much!  See you in two weeks!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Look Out World


Well, I think I can finally breathe.  I’ve got my bag pretty damn near packed, my Euros and Passport ready to rock, and I checked in for all of my flights this morning.  Look out Greece, we’re coming!!!!


Yesterday I broke down and ordered up Pumpkin Spice for breakfast.  I was thinking I would wait until I got back from vacation because I didn’t want Summer to end too soon, but the grey sky that showed up here yesterday convinced me to get into the pumpkin mood.


For lunch I was really just cleaning out the fridge.  Let’s see, the produce drawers had a wimpy bunch of green onions, a couple of random radishes, and like two leaves of lettuce screaming to be used.


Thankfully I also had half a carton of eggs and the remnants of a loaf of bread.  Egg salad to the rescue!


Blueberries, granola and soy milk for dinner.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


I cashed in a Groupon I bought for Om Nailspa months ago to get a mani-pedi before hitting the air.  Figured I might as well get Summery bright toes one last time for the season, and something dark and sharp on my fingers (don’t worry I bought the polish for touch ups).


After a whirlwind trip through my apartment doing a final vacuum, laying out my final clothing choices, and collecting up all of my camera bits and pieces for packing I was off to Michael’s to share up that Peach & Blueberry Cobbler.


Now I’m just finishing up loose ends for work, packing the dog up for her adventure to the other Jamie’s, and dealing with this pile of lovely.


That bag will be so organized, airport security won’t know what hit them.

Next stop: 430am wake up call. 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting Ready


Yesterday may very well have been my last normal eating day for about two weeks.  Good thing there was coffee and a banana & almond butter sammich.


You see…I’ve let my fridge dwindle down to the near side of empty in anticipation of my leaving on a jet plane this Thursday.  Hence the leftover red Thai curry.


The snacks are getting all random up in here.  Iced coffee with ham slices?  Eat it up.


While running the 457 inevitable pre-vacay errands after work (nothing like driving to three stores to buy extra kitty litter) dinner was procured from the supermarket.  Clearly I’m addicted to pasta and mayo.


And because I don’t already have a two page to-do list and a double sided packing list that needs paring down I thought it would be fun to make a Peach and Blueberry Cobbler at 9:30 last night.


This is what I do.


I didn’t even get to eat it.  Just stared at it longingly while it cooled and I washed a sink full of dishes, cleaned my bathtub, and stared at my shoes trying to figure out which ones will be the most comfy and least touristy.


I’ll be sure to gnaw my way through this beauty today in between two big work projects, three loads of laundry, and choosing whether to bring an ugly (yet comfy) little daypack or a more stylin’ (yet uncomfortable) shoulder bag.

Travel prep is no joke.  Cobbler helps.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Drink, Eat and Be Sunny

This past weekend was totally hectic and totally fun.  I worked, I drank, I ate, and I chillaxed.  Pretty much in that order.


On Friday afternoon I headed on down to the first day of The Great Canadian Beer Festival to work my volunteer shift.  I volunteer because a) it’s super fun …and… b) you get into the festival for free.  :)

For the second year in a row I was a Booth Steward…which is a fancy term for ‘token taker’.  I spent my afternoon and early evening hanging out with the super nice folks in the Saltspring Island Ales booth.  We went full tilt with a busy line up of thirsty beer lovers for just over 5 hours in the hot, hot sun. 

My body was aching and my tummy was rumbling but I had a total blast.


Saturday morning I made my way back to the park.  This time to meet friends and stuff my pockets full of my own tokens to be cashing in for beers from around the country and beyond.  After multiple samples I walked away with two favourites of the day:

1) Heatherdale Ale from SaltSpring:  (slight advantage because I already know I quite adore this beer!)  It’s a light tasting, golden beer with hints of honey…made with Heather flowers instead of hops.  Love.

2) Talking Dog Wit from Shuswap Brewing:  (I originally went here because they had a short line but ended up going back again, then went back and bought their totally cute t-shirt too.)  This beer was really refreshing and light, with a really lovely hit of orange and coriander.  Yum.

The weather was totally amazing and sooooo hot.  Who says Victoria doesn’t get Summer?  I’m here to tell you ours has been pretty phenomenal this year….it’s just later around here!


After escaping the glorious sun and heat of the park and spending a few hours just chatting and relaxing with friends, a few of us made our way to Siam for a much needed delicious Thai food dinner.


Mee Krob to start, and Red Chicken Curry with rice for my meal.  I took half home (nothing like strolling the streets with curry in your purse) and anticipated the leftovers for two days.

Come Sunday I could barely move after being on my feet for two days straight.  All I wanted to do was absorb more sunscreen, sit out on the deck, and have someone serve me.  So that’s pretty much what I did.


After running a few errands and letting the dogs burn off some energy, Michael and I hung out with his brother and sisters enjoying our Sunday and eating some easy barbeque.  Ribs, chicken, pasta salad, potato salad, squishy garlic loaf, and fresh tomatoes mixed with sweet onion and bocconcini cheese.


And nothing beats the heat more than vanilla frozen yogurt with a Twix stuffed in it.  Even when SOMEONE steals your Twix when you are busy smooching your boyfriend.  Clearly the siblings have accepted me since the pranks are aimed in my direction now.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  ;)

Overall a lovely weekend.  Of course, probably not as lovely as next weekend…since next weekend Tiffaney and I shall be in GREECE!!!

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Friday, September 09, 2011


Not that WTF… :)

It’s been a busy time getting caught up after my extra long weekend.  So rather than bore you with a lengthy recap I thought I’d just slap it all together into a few collages instead.  Everyone loves collages! 


Tuna Noodle Casserole, Big Brother, and a pretty fantastic sunset made for a relaxing Wednesday night after spending the day playing catch up.


Those amazing little tomatoes are what I hauled off my patio planter after the hot long weekend.  Nom.

Missing from Thursday’s collage is what might have been the last iced coffee of the Summer season and the first Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffin of the pending Fall season.  Both were enjoyed while I blonded up my hair for Greece(!).


More Big Brother required popcorn.  I hate to say it, but of the final three I hope Rachel wins.  I bet none of us thought we’d be saying that!


Today’s menu involves making sure I’m full up with filling and healthy eats.  Missing are the three cups of coffee I’ve consumed knowing I will be needing the energy this afternoon.


I’ve packed my dinner and water bottle and I am ready for my volunteer shift for The Great Canadian Beer Festival.


Today I take your tokens.  Tomorrow I drink the beer.  Glug.

Happy weekend kids!!

PS:  There was just an Earthquake here!!  I didn’t feel it but according to Twitter everyone else around here did.  Be safe.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Camp Food


Obviously I didn’t want to spend my mini-vacay taking pictures of everything we ate but I managed to catch most of our dinners and breakfasts.


For our first night we decided to let the supermarket deli feed us.


No marshmallow roasting took place but I made sure they made it into our hot chocolate with Irish Cream.


We tried to keep breakfasts and snacks pretty healthy.


And dinners a little more campout style.  :)


But we still managed to get our veggies in.


On Labour Day the Yacht Club held a fundraiser pancake breakfast.  2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 pancakes, coffee and OJ for $5.  Who can say no to that?


What do you eat when you go camping?

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