Thursday, September 01, 2011

Treat of a Day


Creamy and robust!  Sounds like a good way to take your coffee don’t you think?!  I didn’t want to crack into a whole pound of fresh coffee, knowing I’m leaving town in less than two weeks (!!!) so I picked this little packet of Italian goodness up to get me through.


Knowing I had a coffee meeting this morning I opted to consider eating yogurt directly from the container to be breakfast. 


Obviously I was saving room for my REAL breakfast.  What?  There is absolutely nothing wrong with chocolate for breakfast.  Especially when it’s said with a French accent…pain au chocolat s’il vous plait.  I’m practicing for my European vacation.


Totally tortured Canadian French is perfectly acceptable in Greece, non?


Hey look.  Vegetables!  Vegetables totally erase chocolate breakfast pastries.  And full fat cafe au lait.  Totally.


ART update:  I actually have bruises on my lower back/glute where she “massaged” me on Tuesday.  Today she worked on my neck/shoulders/upper back and all I could think was “oh crap, I’m going to have bruises on my neck…not awesome”.  She says I should be OK, but someone please back me up when Michael asks where those bruises came from, OK?!

She sent me home with two awesome exercises to help open my hips, back and shoulders.  Out of all of the stretches the various physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists have given me over the past couple of years I can actually tell why these ones might help.  The hard part?  I’m supposed to do these every 15 (!!!) minutes. 



After work I headed to mall in search of a few more items for my vacation.  Note to self:  don’t wait until September to look for cute Summer dresses.  After trying on too many pairs of ill fitting shorts I picked up Opa! for dinner.


Greek salad and chicken souvlaki just seemed appropriate given the reason I was shopping.  :)

And since any day that starts with chocolate should also end with chocolate…and since I clearly have no concern for my bank account today…I deemed a trip to Cold Stone Creamery totally necessary.


I mean really…a girl that works all day, gets “beaten” by her chiropractor, and tries on half price bikinis in a change room with bad lighting obviously deserves a treat.

And obviously deserves to forget all about that treat she already had today.  Right?  Right.   I knew you would understand.

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