Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Eat, Live, Sour Cream

Maybe it’s odd, but one staple in my refrigerator is low fat sour cream.  It’s one of those condiments that I find useful on almost a daily basis…whether it be to mix with salsa to add to eggs, or swirl into canned tomato soup to make it a little creamier, or to pile on top of a reheated enchilada.

My point is:  I love it.  :)

So when Jenna posted this recipe for Chicken Paprika over on Eat, Live, Run I knew I had to print it out and get it into my meal plan right away.


The best part about this recipe (aside from the 3/4 cup of sour cream…yummmm!) is that the ingredient list is quite simple and I already had everything on hand.  Chicken, onion, paprika.  Easy.


She mentions egg noodles in her recipe post and I just knew I had to have those instead of the homemade dumplings.  I love egg noodles!


For photographic purposes I poured the Chicken Paprika over the noodles, but next time I’d go for the less pretty option and add the noodles directly to the pan with the chicken and sauce before serving.  Delicious has to trump beauty!


The end result was creamy, filling, a wee bit spicy, and perfectly belly warming.  Michael and I agree that this should make it into a regular recipe rotation.

Sour cream for the win.

My Fitness Pal has this recipe weighing in at a reasonable 250 calories per serving (not including the noodles or dumplings, using light sour cream, and based on 4 portions).

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Crystal said...

I made this two nights ago, and LOVED it. It will become a regular around here for sure. With 4/5 giving it the thumbs up, who am I to argue?! I ended up making the dumplings, which were tasty, but being a sucker for egg noodles, I'm not sure I'd bother next time.

Thanks for sharing!

Orionbelt24 said...

Ooooo....this looks yummy. Going to try it for sure!