Saturday, December 03, 2011

Fifteen things I so totally don’t need to bake for Christmas…

I live alone.  My family lives out of town.  My boyfriend and I ‘try’ to keep the treats to a minimum.  Clearly I’m an insane person for desiring to bake all of this stuff!

But it’s baking season!!  Waaaaah!!


My own personal annual standard recipes:

A few traditional extras:

Inspired by Pinterest

(honestly, this whole post can be blamed on Pinterest!)

And a couple of recipes just for Michael because he loves lemony things:

Whipped Shortbread

Are you a crazy Christmas baker?  What are your must-bakes each year?  Can you help me with my pastry phobia?

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Jessica said...

I just learned to make vegan caramel, so I'm pretty sure I've made about 10 different caramel desserts! hahaa None of which have made their way into the freezer, but as people's bellies! :)

rusty61 said...

Your Mayan Chocolate Sparklers were a huge hit with my family and friends last year and they're on my list for this year too! Thanks again for the recipe!

Michelle said...

My only "make every year" thing is Breton Brittle. Only because it is tasty, everyone loves it, it's simple and it's easy to freeze and just take along whenever I'm going somewhere and don't want to go empty-handed.

Umm . . . and eggnog pound cake?? Excuse me??? I"m in love!

Orionbelt24 said...

Thanks for this! I had no real plans to make cookies for this Christmas until I got inspired by your post! Now I am making the Mayan Chocolate Sparklers (ummm....holy yummy!), Red Velvet Chocolate Chips cookies, Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sugar Cookies. I'm gonna get fat this Christmas!

Christy said...

Just took a load of buttertarts out of the oven, those mayan sparklers are next on my list and of course whipped shortbread :)

carla said...

*whispers* I go to a bakery--so no I can not ;)

Crystal said...

I've already baked and frozen whipped shortbread and butter tarts. Although I, too have a pastry phobia and used store bought tart shells. Doing sugar cookies and gingerbread for sure. (For the kids, right?!). Have also book marked an Eggnog Quickbread recipe with buttered rum glaze, pumpkin loaf and I'd like to do lemon meringue tarts too. Plus I've made and frozen mini quiche tarts. Yikes! Bring on the holiday weight!

JavaChick said...

Christmas is usually my excuse to bake, since I rarely do during the rest of the year. I make Skor Shortbread, Mars Bars Squares and Twice Baked Shortbread to take home to my in-laws and parents. But we're not going home to Nova Scotia this year, so I have no excuse to bake. Not sure what, if anything, I will make this year.