Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Feast Madness

So Friday night we put on our fancy new Christmas clothes, sipped on some bubbly, then let the lovely people at The Fairmont Empress feed us dinner. 


Michael’s company holiday party treated us to a delicious meal complete with favourites such as turkey and stuffing, but also roast beast and to-die-for blue cheese cannelloni (!!) that I may have to replicate sometime, if only to swim in the sauce.

Good thing my new party dress is stretchy.  Holiday Feast Round One Success!

After snoozing in our glorious hotel king-sized bed and making friends with the resident seagull (Michael fed him chocolates!) we grabbed some quick brunch and then made our way home to start preparing Round Two of our Holiday Feast Madness.


Round Two involved a bigass ham dinner for Michael’s siblings and significants.  I’ve never made a dinner for eight for my own family, but sure!  Why not do it for his?!  Yes, I like to torture myself.


After a minor meltdown involving a scalloped potato recipe that failed me, we pulled it off!  *Ham, Brussels, carrots, and “potato casserole” for eight.  Who cares about the lame potatoes when you have a delicious ham the size of your head?  And wine…lots of wine.  :)

Holiday Feast Spiderman says Round Two Success!


* recipes coming soon to a blog near you.

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Jessica said...

You looks soooooo happy!! :) Great to see!