Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Memory Walk

Some people like to show their kids where they used to live, or played soccer, or swam in the Summer.  I took my dog for a walk around my old high school.


Parts of it seem exactly the same.  And other parts seem like a totally different school.  I wonder if a community garden would have worked during my high school years?


As we drove up my Mom’s street I realized this Tot-Lot is still there!  It’s not like I never visit, but I guess I just assumed this death trap of a play park wouldn’t be there any more.  Those spring based toys were dangerous!


I swear I rode this horse a thousand times in the 80’s. 

Nothing like realizing that to slap yourself in the face with your age.  :)

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Yum Yucky said...

I'm giggling because those spring based toys were the source of much childhood joy. And the dang things get a little to bendy after awhile, too. LOL! Thanks for the memory. ;)

AndreaClaire said...

When I living in Tanzania, we used to take the toddlers to a playground that had a merry-go-round. As I hadn't seen on in Canada in years, I freaked out with excitement the first time we went there. I'm surprised so many of us made it to adulthood given what passed as 'playground equipment' when we were young!

TL said...

I love the playground pics, especially. The little and big horses, and the four-way spring thing were staples of my childhood play. Yes, in the 80s. LATE 80s, that is.... ;) funny to see the identical twins of my small-town Alberta playground all the way there. The paint jobs were different, but that's it.