Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seasonal Loves

Right now I’m probably eating French Toast or Eggs Benedict and wishing I didn’t drink so many cocktails last night. Today is a busy day so please forgive me while I send this pre-written post your way.  Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it with a story about how I’m making my first ham dinner and serving it to Michael’s family.  That’s definitely worth waiting for!


One beautiful large pomegranate produced almost two cups of arils.  My Greek yogurt with Kashi Honey Almond cereal had never been so happy.


Hershey finally answered my dreams.  Chocolate Mint Kisses.


Who doesn’t love a ‘red cup’?  Don’t be a hater.


Cutie patootie.  Peel me one…or ten.


Candy Cane Lane.  Warms you right down to your Christmas socks.

Missing is the Egg Nog.  and Rum.  Yes.  Someone prepare a vat.  I’m going to need it for courage to serve the ham dinner!

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1 comment:

Lady J said...

When I've had a bad day (last few) I look forward to reading your posts cuz they always make me smile or even laugh and that's a very good thing!! xox