Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Welcome Back List

1 – Yes, I’m welcoming myself back.  I’m a big deal around here you know.


2 – My blogging hiatus has been liberating.  Do you realize how exciting it is to just slap soup in a bowl and eat crackers from a box without taking a picture?  It is!


3 – Do you also realize that even when I’m just slapping a meal together it still ends up looking photo ready?  I actually like making my food pretty.


4 – As you probably know, I went to Greece for a wicked vacay.  What you might not know is that I did indeed blog about it:


5 – I had a birthday while on hiatus.  I got older.  I had a fabulous dinner date with my honey.  I ate cupcakes made special by a good friend.


6 – Since I had all this free time from not blogging I finally got going on Pinterest.  Follow me so I can follow you and together we can build our cookie, Christmas, hair style, and DIY home decor empires. 


7 – In keeping up with Social Media in a super timely way *eye roll* I finally created a Facebook page for my blog.  Just another way for me to annoy the crap out of my loved ones and all of you.  Please like me!

PS: I’m on Twitter too.  Social Media Trifecta!

8 – Michael and I watched all four seasons of Breaking Bad back-to-back.  We’re now in withdrawals…big time.  Apparently just watching meth on TV can be addictive.

I’ve supplemented with Mad Men and now I want an entire wardrobe of hoop skirts and cardigans.  And Joan’s hair.

9 – Chibi wants you to know the Christmas season has now officially begun and she’s clearly very excited about it.  Let the onslaught of egg nog, cookies, decorations, snowflakes, and Holiday movies begin.


10 – I have been stockpiling ideas, recipes, and photos for lots of yummy eats, treats, and drinks.  Thanks for allowing me the time off to recharge my batteries.  Here’s hoping the fresh brain brings something you will all love.  :)


Welcome back everyone!

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Dagne said...

Welcome back! You were missed!

Jessica said...

Wooo hooo glad you are back - glad you are happy!!!

Ms. M said...

Welcome back! I like my food to look pretty too - makes it more enjoyable to eat! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Can't wait for your updates :)

jaime said...

Welcome back!!

Christy said...

Yay! Welcome back!! :)

Michelle said...

Welcome back! haha - I did Breaking Bad the same way. It's like binge-eating a television show.

Julie said...

Welcome back :) Your blog has always been one of my favs.

I am just finishing up Breaking Bad back to back as well.. going to be a very long wait for season 5 :(

Lady J said...

Welcome back sweetheart, I've missed my daily dose of Jaime... xox

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Yay! Glad you are back :) I missed your blog - looks like you are doing well and happy to boot!

carla said...

welcome home.


Amy said...

Motorboats for the world!

JavaChick said...

Welcome back Jaime! :)

H-woman said...

I'm so glad you're back! =)