Tuesday, January 31, 2012


** There is a box of Special K Vanilla Almond in the cupboard above my fridge. And often eat a bowl drenched in soy milk while laying in bed watching Firefly/Castle/HIMYM/FridayNightLights before falling asleep.

** I have made next-to-no progress on the painting of my base boards. That whole “base boards are thisclose to the carpet” situation has proven to be a giant pain in the azz. (Yes, I bought the little tool…but it’s still a pain).


** Sunday night I made a pan of Rice Krispie Treats as snacks for the week.  Yesterday I threw them away because they didn’t turn out.  How do you eff up cereal, melted marshmallows and butter?

** You may find a case of Diet Ginger Ale in my fridge.  Sometimes it’s OK to drink artificial sweetener.  Like when you read 8,001 food blogs that feature cupcakes and chocolate covered bacon and you need something to stop your sweet tooth from jumping off a bridge.

** I didn’t shave my legs the entire time Michael was in Costa Rica. What? It’s not like it’s skirt season around here.  (He’s home tonight BTW!)


The second post for the #CanadianBloggerSeries is up over on Heidi’s blog.  This week’s installation comes from Lisa at Smores N More and she tells us about her love of Ontario and a great snowshoeing adventure.  Pop over and check the girls out and tell us what you love about Canada.  :)


Got any confessions you just HAVE to get out and tell me??

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like your confessions! Those are some pretty good TV shows, and I bet the cereal makes them better.

I also avoid shaving my legs in the winter when I can.