Monday, January 30, 2012

Consider January Joined!

Two days left in the month and I can safely say I hit my workout goals for January! 

What were those goals?  Well, I didn’t want to scare myself away from the gym again so I kept it simple…

  • Some kind of activity at least 4 days per week.
  • Preferably at least 3 of those days at the gym.
  • Basic cardio with lots of stretching.

Aside from the fact that I got the plague immediately following Day 1 and ended up a little delayed at the get-go…I did it!

If you count the next two days (which obviously I do!) I completed 19 activity days in January.  13 gym days, 5 extra walks, 1 at home yoga session.  Not too shabby, eh?!

I do have to admit that this last week started out a little shakey…I lost my motivation for a few days at the beginning of the week, but on Wednesday I did drag my buns out to walk the dog and from there on it was all good!

Wednesday – doggie walk to the park…


Thursday – quiet early day workout…


Friday – happy to burn off some calories in anticipation of dinner


Saturday – rare weekend trip to the gym (20 extra minutes!)…


Sunday – rainy day walk through the dog park and along the beach.  Chibi was pretty stoked to be soaked!  :)


So, two more days of this January cardio build-up then we get into Fit February.  This means the re-introduction of strength training.  Guess I’d better get to work on that plan!

Any other January Joiners hold it up through the month?  What’s your motivation?  or is anyone in need of a little motivation?

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Tamara said...

I have to say my January Joining went off without a hitch. I may have to join you in Fit February because my January was all about getting back in touch with real food. Now I have to get back in touch with my Nikes!

Congrats on all that working out. Well done!

Lady J said...

I lurve Chibi's Canuck's Jersey.... very cute!! ;)

JavaChick said...

These days I mostly work out for stress relief/sanity. But for the next six weeks I'd like to amp things up to get ready for a possible vacation in March. Hopefully that'll give me a little extra motivation.

Good job and good luck in February!