Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Hour


After starting a Friday afternoon off with a cider tasting with dear friends you can’t very well just call it a night.  More plans must be made.  Especially when an important birthday has just passed without a celebration and several bottles of sparkling cider have just been purchased.


We can’t let Tiffaney get away without a girlie birthday dinner!


Unpictured: herby cheeeeese, mixed olives and crack-crackers.

Bigass roasted beet and apple salad with candied pecans and fresh orange juice dressing.

Butternut squash gnocchi with brown butter and sage from La Piola.


And homemade birthday cake…complete with sour cherry buttercream. 


Also unpictured (geeee, how did that happen?): mass quantities of Sea Cider.

Our potlucking skills have become excellent.  Talk about team effort!

Happy Birthday Tiffaney!!

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Anonymous said...

My goodness. That cake looks DELICIOUS.

Recipe, please?

Jaime said...

Sadly, not my recipe to share! But I do know the cake was a basic sponge, and for the icing she fiddled with her favourite buttercream recipe and the juice from the jar of sour cherries. :)