Friday, January 06, 2012

January Joiner

In the past I’ve never really needed a milestone or date marker to ‘start being healthy’.  Overall my lifestyle has been pretty healthy for the last five years…balanced eating, balanced exercise.  A few cupcakes, a few carrots.

But… Somewhere along that long drive from Halifax to Victoria I think I lost my healthy living mojo.  I arrived here on the Island with a sense of entitlement to all things beer, cheese, and burger related.  All in the name of socializing with friends I had missed for the better part of three years. I felt invincible or something.  Like since I’d been so careful with my eating for so long a year of throwing calorie caution to the wind couldn’t hurt me.

Guess what?  Life doesn’t work that way.  If you stop working out, and keep eating poutine your ass gets bigger.  And all of a sudden your entire wardrobe doesn’t fit and you spend your time telling your new boyfriend that you have nothing to wear…ever.


So, instead of whining about it for another six months I’ve decided to join all of the other resolutioners and get my shiz together.  Time to get back to that girl I used to be.  Time to be a January Joiner.


My gym membership has literally been a drain on my bank account for months now.  I had all of that hip/leg/back pain over a year ago that slowed me down and kept me from working out, but honestly it just became the world’s best excuse to not do anything.  I’m acknowledging that now and tackling the simple things I can do and I’ll worry about the more intensive stuff later.


I don’t plan to spend much time here telling you about my escapades in fitness.  My workouts can be random and not all that interesting to anyone (including me!) but if something noteworthy happens I’ll be sure to update you all.

What I will do is eat healthier and share that with you.  Nothing like a month of posting cookie recipes to get a girl in the mood for salads, egg whites, and chicken.  Time to revamp some favourite recipes and see if we can healthify them…and if we can’t then I guess we’ll eat them full-fat and just take an extra trip to the treadmill.


When it doubt, run it out.  Word.

Anyone else a January Joiner? 

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2012?

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Crystal said...

'Keep Calm and do Some Fucking Cardio'!!!

OMG, I love that!

Ingmarie said...

I'd like to be a January joiner. I'm having a really hard time finding motivation and energy. No matter how much sleep i get i'm yawning all the time. I need help and hope that through reading your blog some of your intention will rub off on me too ;) Wishing you not good luck or good will power but strong habits and healthy routines.

135by2012 said...

I'm a January Joiner and have lost 7lbs so far. (Water weight, but I will take it!)

Tamara said...

"NO MATTER HOW SLOW YOU GO YOU'RE STILL LAPPING EVERYONE ON THE COUCH" This is exactly what I needed to hear. Here with ya in January!

Amy said...

You can DO it!

TL said...

You can check mine at ... I am totally a January joiner. Not a bad thing... I'll take what I can get as far as motivation goes!

By the way, your photos always rock my world. Your blog is one of my faves, simply because of all the pics. I need to be better about uploading pics. It would make a difference. =)


carla said...

I have no resolution but I do have a MANTRA Im strivingWORKING to live daily.