Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Last Hurrah

Just like most everyone else I am quite happy to abandon the treat parade that rolled through my life for the last couple of weeks and get back to a cookie-free lifestyle.  I actually started making salads last week and have been enjoying every bite of every crunchy piece of lettuce, carrot and radish.  But…

Yep, but.

…I promised Michael a lemony treat over the holidays and I never got it done.  And since I hate broken promises I had to follow through, even if the holiday baking season is actually over.


I rationalized that this past Monday was still part of the holidays since we had the day off work in lieu of New Years Day…that totally counts!

The Citrus Curd Tarts I threw together turned out to be just the right thing!  Michael’s been asking me to use up a pack of frozen tart shells some family member left in his freezer months ago, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to make Guilty Kitchen’s Citrus Curd ever since I first read the recipe. 


Added bonus:  Michael is actually friends with Elizabeth and her husband.  Small world.  :)

I had hoped to make the curd using Meyer lemons, but of course the day I went shopping for them I couldn’t get my hands on any.  So I went with the original recipe of lemons and limes and it was a huge hit.  Creamy, tart, tangy and oh so deeeeelish.


Baker’s note:  Do NOT bake the curd.  Bake the shells, then fill with the pre-made curd.  Top with whipping cream if desired, then chow down.

Turns out making curd isn’t all that hard.  Who knew?  It’s just finding a use for all those leftover egg whites that’s making my head hurt.  But if that’s the worst of it then I think we’ll be tackling this recipe again…and maybe again.  The variations are pretty much endless.


Oh, and what’s that?  Ah yes.  An excellent way to use up that leftover Christmas cranberry sauce.  Do it!  Then get back to that bigass salad.

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Dagne said...

Mmm those look delish!

TL said...

YUM! Thanks for sharing the awesomeness. And the egg whites can be omelette material for a while.... I like to scramble egg whites and eat with lot of salsa in a smal, flame-blackened flour tortilla, with a T I'd cheese and a couple of chopped green onions. Nom!