Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Victoria Snow Day(s)

On Saturday morning we awoke to a few inches of freshly fallen snow out in the ‘burbs.


Just enough to be pretty.  Just enough to be fun for the dogs.


On Monday morning we awoke to enough snow that I thought maybe my car and I might have to take a snow day.  Alas I have snow tires, front wheel drive, and a boyfriend with lots of great elbow grease.


By Tuesday afternoon Mother Nature was trying to drag her blanket of snow into the city but after a while she gave up.


Until this morning that is.  I woke up to a white out and minor snow drifts in the parking lot. So I went for a walk in two pairs of pants and my trusty toque.  Yep, our roads are a mess and baby, it’s cold outside. 


Looks like the perfect night for chowder.  And snuggles on the couch.


Did I mention Michael is leaving for Costa Rica in the morning?  Bugger.

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