Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bigass Salads

Happy Leap Day everyone!  Did any of you ladies propose to your men today?  I thought about jokingly asking Michael but then decided that wouldn’t really be so funny.  How mean!  (Not that he would have taken me seriously…I’m a terrible jokester!)

Since today is somewhat of a bonus day on the calendar (although I never feel like we gained anything…it is still just a Wednesday after all) I thought I’d just do a quick bonus post.

Bigass Salads in the Big Silver Bowl


The greens are usually either baby spinach, mixed baby lettuces, or a combo of the two…really just depends if something is on sale.  :)  The veggie combos also vary based on the grocery store sales, but just about always include carrots, radishes, tomatoes and yellow or orange peppers.  Today I have cucumber and cauliflower for something different.


The fun part is the protein topper!  My favourite is roast chicken breast from the grocery deli.  I peel the skin off then shred the meat onto my salad while it’s still warm.  So yummy and filling! 


Other easy favourites are boiled eggs, black forest ham, roasted beets and goat cheese, chick peas or tuna salad. Last week I actually had black beans and grated cheddar on my salad three days in a row!


For dressings I keep a couple of store bought varieties in my fridge but sometimes it’s the best way to get a healthy oil in for the day.  Depending on the toppings a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of coarse salt is all it might need!  Coconut oil is super deeeelish too.


Got leftovers?  Pile them on top of some mixed greens and call it salad.  :)


Last night I had some asparagus and mushrooms dying a rapid death in my produce drawer so I roasted them up, mixed them with goat cheese and piled it all atop a bed of greens and tomatoes.  Didn’t even need dressing.  So delicious!

What’s your favourite salad mix?  Favourite protein to build it up?  Do you eat salad because you love it, or because it’s good for you? 

Obviously I’m a fan.

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Tamara said...

Lately we have been eating green salads with olive oil, white wine vinegar and a touch of honey, s&p... I mix that up in the bottom of a big silver bowl (honest!) and throw in any chopped veg we have in the fridge. I like to toss the chopped veg with the dressing and let it sit while I chop, rinse and spin the lettuce (usually romaine). For protein it's feta cheese, eggs, beans, tuna or salmon. Sluuuurp!