Monday, February 13, 2012

February Shape-Up

This past week marked my return to strength training…using the always amazing Fitnessista’s Winter Shape-Up 2012 Workout.  Including a new-to-me yoga class, this meant 5 trips to the gym…and I really enjoyed every minute!


On Monday I posted this as my “before” shot.  I suppose I should have said my “starting over” shot as this really isn’t about losing weight (although it would be a nice side effect to lose a few of the pounds I gained whilst being injured and/or lazy) but more about firming things up, getting back to my happy healthy routine, and just feeling good overall.

I wish I had thought to take more measurements when I started back to the gym in January…all I documented was waist and hips (if my measurements are accurate I’ve lost 2 inches around my waist!!).  I can tell by this photo that the treadmilling has helped though…that gap wasn’t there between my thighs before Christmas. :)


Monday – WSU Wk #1, Day #1 – light weights, fewer sets, extra cardio.

Tuesday – cardio time…


Wednesday – WSU Wk #1, Day #2 – more sets, better form…

{tabata skipping is no joke!}


Bonus:  extra walk with the pupper to shake off that workout…


Thursday – return to yoga.  I was stiff for three days but it felt so good to get back to it!

Friday – WSU Wk #1, Day #3 – best form yet, stronger sets, better tabata and HIIT…


Saturdays are rest days and Sundays are for walks with Michael and the dogs.  The weather yesterday was gross so we opted for a couple of soggy laps around the dog park and a healthy Sunday dinner.

What I learned:  I HATE tricep dips.  I cannot do a proper in-and-out jump.  7.5 on the treadmill is justabout tooooo fast for me.  I don’t know where bent-over flys have been all my life but I lurve them.

How goes your #FitFeb?  Any fun programs/workouts/classes?

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