Monday, February 20, 2012

Fit-Sick February

Boooo.  Somehow I managed to catch yet another cold from my boyfriend.  That’s two since the New Year if anyone is counting.  Down with big offices full of germs, and up with more at home hermit workers like me!

So my Winter Shape Up Week Two ended up falling a little flat since I couldn’t breathe, let alone bang out sets of squats.  I ended up with three days off from the gym, but did manage to recoup a couple of cardio days later in the week.  I even drove in from Michael’s on Saturday to spend an hour at the gym.  I’m actually pretty proud of that!  (it’s really easy to just hunker down out in the burbs and avoid the real world!)

Monday – Winter Shape Up, Week Two, Day 1

Tuesday – hugging a box of Kleenex, and a wee walk to Starbucks with my funny Valentine…

Wednesday – more Kleenex and a walk to the park…

Thursday – thisclose to going to yoga, only to complete lose my steam an hour before class.  :(

Friday – sweated out the last of those cold germs during an hour long cardio session…

Saturday – make up cardio day…

Sunday – unless buying a new iPhone counts as exercise, rest day.  :)

So needless to say I’m starting Week Two over again.  Oh goodie, squats squats and more squats.

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Tamara said...

I have had two colds in three weeks this month too. So gross. My nose is sore. Thanks for tagging me in the 11 things post. Yours were great! I want to think about my answers and do it up right. But it will be on my blog soon. Good luck with the squats :)

carla said...

ooh today I shall squat with you too.