Monday, February 27, 2012

#FitFeb Do-over

I’m happy to report that my do-over week was a smashing success.  All three Winter Shape Up Week 2 workouts were completed as well as a great cardio day and a perfectly stretchy yoga class. 

Monday – oh hello squats…my hips hate you.


Tuesday – sweaty face cardio time…


Wednesday – tested myself with heavier weights…


Thursday – even sandwiched into a crowded room I got lost in yoga for a while…


Friday – just way too busy for a workout.

But that’s what Saturdays are for, no? 


I did skip out on a long walk or hike yesterday but in my defense I had a very important puzzle to deal with.  And it was cold outside.  And I had hot coffee.

What I learned re: WSU Week 2: Squats really do get easier. On day one I could barely get through the regular set but by day three I was handling the holds and pulses pretty well.  I actually missed the tabata skipping from week one.  I loved the Split-Squats with Bicep Curls.  Who knew?!

Week Three looks a little scary with it’s burpees (!!!) and frog crunches. Help!

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Anonymous said...

I admire your motivation, girl!

Anonymous said...

How much weight are you squatting now?

Jaime said...

Mostly just body weight at this point. Depending on the style of squat...sometimes a 6 lb ball, sometimes a couple of 5 lb weights. I'm taking it easy on my hips just yet.