Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Treats for my Sweetie


The first thing my darling sweetie gave me for Valentine’s Day was his cold.  How thoughtful!

Yeah.  I spent my day making best friends with a box of Kleenex and popping Tylenol Cold pills.  Tres sexy let me tell ya!

Thank goodness we actually planned to have our romantic dinner this Saturday anyway since weeknights are such a hassle for us.  So glad I didn’t have to cancel due to sickness!

But he did arrive at my door bearing a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates.  I can’t smell them but they sure brightened my day!


(That’s a lot of exclamation points for a sickypants like me.  Woah now!)


I was so glad to receive his lunchtime text that he planned to stop by here after work because the thought of having to get cleaned up to deliver his Valentine’s treats to his office was almost more than I could handle.  “Hello coworkers, how’s about some germs with your heart shaped cookies?”  Ew.

Instead I loaded up on meds, put on some real pants, braided my hair and crossed my fingers that Chocolate Cherry Kiss Cookies would keep him from looking at my sick face and ruining the romance.


Michael likes cherries and cherry flavoured things so when my first plan didn’t work out I happened upon this recipe I was sure it was the perfect treatie for my sweetie.  They came together rather easily and afforded me the opportunity to buy huge pile of chocolate kisses. 

This may have been the first time I’ve ever actually purchased maraschino cherries…I generally only consume them when served in a fruity cocktail. 


These cookies ended up not being quite what I’d hoped…too much like shortbread and dry in the mouth…but they still taste good and now Michael has extras to share with his coworkers.


Which is good because if he managed to give me a cold for Valentine’s Day I’m certain a few of his work friends probably got the cooties too.  He can now retain his office favour with cookie bribery.  See, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


How was your V-Day?  Anyone else spend the evening cuddling the cat and hoping not to run out of Kleenex?

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rusty61 said...

Your Valentine's treats look wonderful (both yours and his)! I sure hope you feel better soon.