Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Finally!  A full week this month where I didn’t have to take time off for an injury.  My back is healthy and strong.  Huzzah!

Lots of activity and healthy eats with a few treats.  Last week I finally broke through a minor weight plateau and I’m really starting to feel a difference in some of my clothes (which is really my goal here…to wear the clothes I don’t fit into anymore).  I bought new jeans and whether it’s vanity sizing or not it felt good to buy a size smaller than I have being trying on lately.  I’ll actually do some measurements next week to see how things are really coming along.

Anyone else feeling some fitness milestones coming through these days??

Monday – upper body strength training and treadmill blast…

iPhone (312)IMG_0201

Tuesday – walk to and from my mechanic’s shop (in cold disgusting hail and rain I might add…ick)

Wednesday – lower body strength training and ARC trainer…


Thursday – gorgeous day for a long dog walk on the local trail…


Friday – cardio sweat session…


Saturday – after soaking up some amazing sun we took the dogs to the lake for a massive trail walk.  So lovely!


Sunday – had plans for a walk around another lake but instead found myself breaking a sweat helping Michael do some Spring cleaning around his place.  His kitchen cupboards are quite happy now!

Maybe a little light on the strength sessions but overall I’m so pleased with the mix of activities and the amount of outdoor time with the pupper.  Here’s to good weather…happy Spring!

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