Saturday, March 03, 2012

Cardio: Treadmill Torch


It’s no secret I’m not a big fan of running.  But I know the benefits of it so I work hard to find running workouts that work for me.  I prefer interval training for many reasons, and after following many plans created by other bloggers I have finally formulated a plan that works for me. 

This treadmill session only takes 20 minutes, burns about 150+ calories, and leaves me sweaty and breathing hard.  Twenty Minute Treadmill Torch!

Minutes Exercise Incline My Speed
0-3 mins warm-up 5% 2.7-3.5 mph
3-4 mins jog 2% 4.7 mph
4-5 mins walk 6% 3.5 mph
5-6 mins run 2% 5.2 mph
6-7 mins walk 6% 3.5 mph
7-8 mins run 2% 5.2 mph
8-9 mins walk 6% 3.5 mph
9-10 mins run 2% 5.2 mph
10-12 mins walk 8% 3.5 mph
12-12:45 mins sprint 2% 6.0 mph
12:45-14 mins walk 2% 3.7 mph
14-14:45 mins sprint 2% 6.0 mph
14:45-16 mins walk 2% 3.7 mph
16-17 mins balls out! 2% 7.0 mph
17-20 mins cool down 4% – 0% 3.7-2.5 mph

I add this to the end of strength training sessions or combine it with 30 minutes of other cardio such as the recumbent bike or my new favourite, the ARC trainer.  Hello cardio endorphins!  My goal is to get my speed up over time but I’ve always been a slowpoke runner!

Do you wish you liked running more?  Are you an interval fan?

Let me know if you give this a go!

{Y’all know this already, but I’m just a blogger not a fitness professional so please make sure to consult your trainer or your doctor before following any new fitness regime.  Safety first!}

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Meg Doll said...

I am not currently incorporating any cardio in my routine right now, but I LOVE intervals :D

carla said...

Im a walker.
but only walking :)