Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Definitely an Asics Gal

I know after yesterday’s post lots of folks are curious about my new running shoes so I thought I’d mention them.  I’ve been wearing the popular Asics GT series for about 4 years now.  I loved the first pair I had but the second pair I never cared for.  They were comfy but somewhere along the way the design got bulkier and being a gal with size 10 feet I don’t need help with making my feet clunky.

When I went in to check out the newest version of the GT I was pleased to see that it does seem a little lighter and less bulky this time around.  I was not, however, stoked to see the $180 price tag and wouldn’t even try them on.  Instead  I put the sales guy to work explaining other shoes and lower priced options.

I tried three other brands, some were running shoes, some training shoes and a couple of them were the newer ‘barefoot’ technology.  But in the end I didn’t love any of them and ended up going with the very first pair I tried on…another pair of Asics.

IMG_0237 (34)

This time I have opted for the lightweight Gel Neo-33…a new member of the Asics line with natural support and good stability.  The biggest difference for me is that these are neutral, as opposed to being designed to help with pronation.  Because I don’t run long distances and really don’t run outside I felt like these were the best alternative to my usual GTs.  The fact that they were $40 cheaper helped too.

IMG_0237 (36)

I’ve worn them running on the treadmill twice, the ARC trainer once and so far so good.  I want one more test run before I fully commit but at this point I’m quite happy.  As long as my joints and feet agree, we’re all good.

IMG_0237 (38)

A fun thing about them is that they actually came in a cool colour!  When he first showed me a black shoe I was a bit turned off but once I had them on I think they are super cute!  :)  And my feet don’t look like big white sleds!

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Tamara said...

New shoes are so exciting! I just feel grateful that my Nikes haven't completed deteriorated in the two years they weren't used.

Watched episode 1 of Downton Abbey. Was into Season 2 before the end of the weekend.... :P

Cali (calihoffman.com) said...

I am all about the black running shoe. I can wear them if I walk to work and not feel like I'm dressed like my dad (no offense Dad).