Friday, March 30, 2012


Goodie bag time!!  Last month I learned about a fun blogger pen pal situation that has been going on.  Why had I not been informed?!  Doesn’t the entire food blog world know how much I love a good foodie loot exchange?


It’s been a long time since I have had the chance to do an exchange with someone so I jumped at the chance to join in to this project arranged by Lindsay the lovely Lean Green Bean.


She has almost 400 people participating now!  With so many people involved she has decided to keep everyone matched with someone within their own country, so I was matched with two other Canadians…hilariously enough, both live pretty much in my back yard.

The partner I was given to send a package to is Tamara at You. Naturally. who lives just one island over from me.  And the gal who received me as their package recipient lives just down the country road from my boyfriend.  Remember when I lived in Metchosin a few years back?  Well, Gwen from Sweet Art Supplies can probably see my old house from her place.


So Gwen and I decided to save her the postage and met for coffee last weekend so we could have a little chit-chat and she could send me home with my #FoodiePenPals package.  I held on to the bag all weekend then happily tore into it Monday morning for a fun way to start off my week.


Clearly we are kindred cooking spirits!  I wonder if Gwen noticed how often I include paprika as a spice in my recipes?  It’s one of my faves and having a nice one on hand will be a real treat!  And who doesn’t want good vanilla in their baking cupboard?  I know I do.  Maybe now I’ll finally make vanilla cupcakes!


Just last weekend I began coaxing Michael into breaking out the BBQ grill now that sunny weather is trying to make an appearance around here.  I look forward to finding out if this seasoning mix will be the answer to my burger making prayers.


Did you see the cute note and magnet set above too?  Even with two computers and an iPhone at my disposal I’m still a hand written note and recipe girl most of the time so I know that set will be put to good use in no time.


Thanks Gwen!  I will indeed enjoy all of the goodies you picked out.  Yum!

Any of you baking enthusiasts should head over and check out Sweet Art Supplies.  She carries a huge variety of cute, hard to find baking supplies, designer cupcake liners, sprinkles, sugar and more.  Also make sure you pop on over to Tamara’s blog today to see what I sent her.  I had lots of fun shopping…she made it a challenge with her vegan and gluten-free eating! :) 

Thanks again to Lindsay for tackling such a huge project and to all of the other #FoodiePenPals keeping things fun for everyone. *high five*

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Jenny said...

Hi Jaime,

This is so funny, I have been dealing with Gwen for the last year for a lot of my baking needs. She really is an awesome lady :)

Hope this finds you doing well!