Monday, March 12, 2012

#MadMarch Slow Start

Last week’s workouts?  Hmmm…a little off. 

At the end of the previous week my lower back ended up being really tender.  Sadly I have to blame yoga.  No matter how careful I am not to push myself too much I always seem to end up reactivating an injury. 

Yoga and I just aren’t meant to be and it makes me sad.

Looks like it’s back to the chiropractor for me just to make sure I haven’t thrown anything out of serious alignment. 

Last year I spent over $1000 trying to fix a hip and back issue, which was eventually solved with two sessions of ART and a $6 shoe insert.  Considering I was at chiro, physio or massage at least once a week for months it’s been a delight to not have to do any of that for the last five months.  My bank account has been seriously happy, but if one or two visits means I don’t go through another year of pain and recovery I shall do it!

I took the weekend and Monday off, then got back into the swing of things. I kept it simple and easier than previous weeks and it seems like my body is on the mend.

Tuesday – 45 minute walk with the dog along the Galloping Goose…


Wednesday – I created a simple upper body workout and tackled a short but sweaty cardio session…

IMG_ (59)

Thursday – off to make sure not to overdo it.

Friday – An on-the-fly lower body workout and sweaty cardio blast…

IMG_ (67)

Saturday – Michael and I loaded the dogs into the car for a late afternoon hike.  We ended up out there for almost 2 hours and came home muddy and hungry.  Good times.

IMG_ (86)IMG_ (94)

{and I managed to fit in one of my March goals too – photo day!}

So, a bit of a slow start to March Madness but this week I’ll aim to make up for it.  Strength training for the win!!

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Tamara said...

Back issues are no fun at all. It's stressful because you never know when something is going to set it off and how bad it might get in an instant. It is good you are listening to the signs about the yoga, disappointing though it may be.

Anonymous said...

There was a book published a few months ago about the downside of yoga, and how it does cause a lot of injuries.

Cali ( said...

Hi Jaime! What kind of inserts do you have? PLEASE SHARE!!!