Monday, March 05, 2012

March Madness

Yay!!  Fit February success!  Another month of fun with fitness down, only a lifetime to go.  :) 

Yet again I was struck by the plague this past month but I didn’t let it derail me from my goals.  I missed three workouts but as soon as I could breathe again I was back at it with make-up days and all.  I’m finally at that place where I actually feel sad when I miss a workout.  Maybe it’s those sad faces I draw on my workout log when my plans fall apart.  Ha.

Of the 29 days in February I completed 20 workouts!!  15 days at the gym, 3 extra outdoor walks, and 2 yoga classes.  I ended up with 1 more day than I did in January.  This is my pleased face.  :)

This last week found me missing a couple of gym days but only for rest my body was telling me it needed.  ie: passing out on the couch at 5:01pm is generally tell-tale that you are tired!

Monday – Winter Shape Up Week Three, Day One


Tuesday – zonked on sofa.

Wednesday – Winter Shape Up Week Three, Day Two


Thursday – a little extra cardio to make up for missing Tuesday before a seriously stretchy yoga class…


Friday – sore back from yoga so opted out of WSU and subbed a quick cardio session instead…


Saturday we took the dogs for a jaunt around the dog park and Sunday I parked my butt at the dining table and worked on a puzzle.  Fitness for my brain you know!

The big goal for February was to reintroduce a good strength training plan.  I tackled the Winter Shape Up from Fitnessista and feel pretty good about my progress.  Admittedly I am still fearful of re-injuring myself so I’ve taken it easier than I probably have to but I have already seen a difference in my stamina and body shape, and feel like it’s kick started my metabolism.  I actually lost a couple of pounds this month and although I haven’t checked my measurements yet I’m sure there will be good news there as well.

{note: my sore shoulder and bad back have reared their ugly heads this week but I am thinking good thoughts and only plan to discuss it if it really derails me.}

March Madness entails more of the same dedication…

  • completing Winter Shape Up
  • trying new muscle group specific strength training
  • being far more diligent about what I’m shoving in my mouth
  • not skipping weekend dog walks and hikes with Michael
  • attending a Zumba class (!!)

How did your February go?  What are your goals for #MadMarch?

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