Thursday, March 08, 2012

Thursday Things

Hellooooo everyone.  How has your week been going?  Things have been pretty quiet around here…just taking care of my back and trying to keep on top of the dishes!

Lots of fun things are going down in bloggie town right now…


  • I have joined the Foodie Penpal movement being hosted by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean.  I read about it on Elizabeth’s blog and decided to get in on the action.  Hilariously, both of the penpals I’ve been set up with are from right here…one from Victoria and one from Salt Spring Island!
  • Another fun post has gone up for our #CanadianBloggerSeries over on Heidi’s blog.  This time it’s from Stephanie at Fit Mom in Training and she shines a lovely light on Manitoba!

Other fun things…

  • The other day I got a rather mediocre Chai Tea Latte at Teaopia.  It was lukewarm and I couldn’t drink it so I brought it home and put it in the fridge.  Thanks to a smartypants idea from a friend I turned it into oatmeal this morning.  So yum!
  • I already mentioned this on Facebook, but the most recent instalment of My Drunk Kitchen is about MRE’s and reminded me of the time Arron and I had an IMP tasting party


  • Remember that awesome KitchenAid food processor I got with my Airmiles?  I’m thinking about selling it.  Turns out it is WAY bigger than I need.  I’m like Goldilocks.  My first one was too small, this one is too big.  Apparently I am in need of one that is jussssst riiiiight. 
  • The grocery list for Bacon Cinnamon Roll ingredients is on my iPhone and ready to rock.  Excited much?!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Christy said...

Aww thats too bad about the KA, you were so excited about it. I got the 7 cup one for christmas (I think the size down from yours) and I'm so in love with it. Its so lovely and quiet. My old one sounded like "waste your ammo night" at the gun range.

Love the chai tea idea!! I've gotten so many lukewarm ones I've started to order them extra hot just to get them right. Next up, chai oatmeal :)

TL said...

If you weren't so far away, I'd probably buy theKA! My food processor is usually to small for my needs.

Thanks for the green tea idea! Yummy coming up!