Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Awesome April

Oh my lordy, how the heck is it April already?  March just zoomed on by!

March Madness didn’t come out quite as super-duper-over-the-top as I had originally planned but it certainly was no slouch on the workout frontier.  Overall I got in 20 great activity days: 11 of those at the gym, 1 yoga class, a whopping 7 long walks or hikes, and 1 sweaty cleaning spree at Michael’s house.  Considering I had an injured back and was attacked by a plaguing headache at different points in the month it seems to me things came out just fine!

Last week’s workouts:

MondayUpper Body Burn + Treadmill Torch

Tuesday – light hike around Thetis Lake

Wednesday – Lower Body Blast + ARC trainer

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – hit with a headache plague :(

Sunday – helped Michael’s sister move + dog park

I apparently slacked as far as photos go, so here’s a cutie of Chibi. ha.

Let’s see how I did on March’s goals…hmmm…?

  • completing Winter Shape Up
  • trying new muscle group specific strength training
  • being far more diligent about what I’m shoving in my mouth
  • not skipping weekend dog walks and hikes with Michael
  • attending a Zumba class (!!)

Well, I did end up passing on the last week of Winter Shape Up because I was too excited to start making up my own strength workouts. I finalized my Upper Body Burn and will have a Lower Body Blast posted later this week. Not too sure I’ve been more diligent about what I shove in my mouth…some days yes, some days not so much. :) Definitely not skipping weekend walks and hikes when the weather is good. The dogs love us! Instead of Zumba I’m trying BodyPump. I missed the session last week but it’s on my workout plan for this Thursday. Better late than never!

Goals for #AwesomeApril:

  • Keep on powering through to-do lists and #EmbraceMonday!
  • Drink more water
  • 4 x BodyPump – no excuses!
  • Weekend hikes and dog walks continued
  • Find or create a new healthy snack recipe

Am I the last person ever to try BodyPump?  Are you a fan?  What do you love/hate about the class?  I’m excited!

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Amy said...

I do Pump once or twice a week. It's pretty good, although I get kind of sick of it sometimes.

To make it more fun, I'll go heavy on legs one day and heavy on arms/chest the other day.

Does your gym have CX Worx? It's a WICKED workout, all core.

Jaime said...

No CX Worx. My gym seems to have pretty limited selection of the usual Goodlife classes. I'd be concerned about an all core class anyway, because of my shitty back.