Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I cannot believe we are already in month four of 2012.  Holy moly.

It’s a pretty fantastic thing to be able to say I’ve now had a solid three month recommitment to working out!  And even when I’m having an off day or feeling a bit off my game, I don’t feel like it’s going to rock the commitment boat!  Don’t you love that feeling?!!

Last week pretty much rocked!  I write up my workout plans on Monday mornings and I’m always curious to see how close to these plans I can stick.  Some weeks it’s a real challenge and inevitably something always gets derailed (this week it was Bodypump…booo) but I sort of purposely over-plan so I don’t feel like I bombed when something doesn’t work out.


MondayUpper Body Burn + Treadmill Torch


Tuesday – 20 minutes ARC + 20 minutes treadmill with some truly education reading…


Wednesday – Lower Body Blast (coming soon!) + ARC trainer


Thursday – finished work too late to make Bodypump so the happy pupper and I took an evening walk to the park instead…


Holiday Friday – even though I had the day off and spent the morning drinking coffee with a friend I still managed a 30 minute walk in the sun with the pupper + a 30 minute sweaty strength training session.  Good Friday indeed!


Saturday – we planned a leisurely walk with the dogs along Island View Beach into our plans…between cider tasting and date night dinner. :)


And Sunday I happily laid like broccoli on the sofa. 

I do foresee gym days becoming a bit fewer now that the weather is truly getting clearer.  I will not feel guilty for enjoying the sun with my dog and my honey instead of hanging out indoors with equipment and earphones.  I will, however, maintain a solid routine and bursts of calorie burning!

What’s your favourite warm weather activity to stay fit?  I’m thinking backyard badminton and hikes at the local beaches and parks.

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Tamara said...

Hey! Where'd you go? I wanted to weigh in on the comment about how having an off day doesn't derail your committment..... I think that is the most important difference for me this time around. Glad you are feeling that way too :)