Monday, April 09, 2012


imageHey everyone!  Here’s to another Monday come and gone with a few more to-do’s, workouts, and good vibes!  Even though it’s a day off for many people a few of you still remembered to join in and #EmbraceMonday!


My to-do list was a little shorter this week because I knew I’d be busier catching up on missed work from taking Friday as a holiday.  I listed out my weekly basics like workout planning and my grocery list, but kept the bigger household tasks to a minimum. 


Walking the dog trumped hitting the gym today but I never chastise myself for getting the pupper out for some extra sun. :)


After work I never did end up just sitting on my deck.  Once I got out there I was hit with my Monday motivation and got to sweeping, tidying, cleaning off my comfy chairs and actually tackling cleaning the exterior (ewww) and interior of my sliding glass doors. 


Goodbye Winter grunge!


Sounds like a lot of you were feeling a little down but still rocked your Mondays.  Good work!!  Hope to see even more of you next week.  Tweet along with us! 


And now I shall go remove my nail polish and check two more things off my to-do list before bed.  Nighty night!

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