Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hey everyone!  I know today is Tuesday but sometimes you gotta shake things up (or you know, fall behind and re-evaluate!).  How was your Monday?  Did you set some goals and work hard to bang them out?


As usual I was already thinking about my week before Sunday was even over.  I have to admit that because I spend my weekends at my boyfriend’s I sometimes feel overwhelmed by chores and things I don’t have the opportunity to take care of on Saturdays and Sundays.  But I really don’t wish to sacrifice our time together so Mondays are now my go-to day. :)


Ya, that filing has been on there for two weeks now.  And it’s still on there.  Talk about a chore no one wants to do!

Looks like a few of you were joining in the #EmbraceMonday fun with me this week…


Love that people are catching on via my other Twitter friends!


Hope the rest of your week is just as fulfilling and fun!  Have a great one and see you back on Twitter next week to embrace another Monday!!

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