Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hockey, Nettles, & Trader Joe’s

OK, now we broke the curse I can finally blog about the Canucks!  Jebus that was stressful.  Who gets to the Playoffs as the number one team with the Presidents Cup and then almost gets their asses handed to them in a sweep of the first series?  Oh right, we do.  Apparently we do require Daniel Sedin to save the day.  Good comeback kids! #ReverseSweep

Believe_in_blue[Thanks to my friend Sandi for the cool photo from Facebook.]

I know what the next reality TV scandal will be.  They are going to dig up Hollie from American Idol’s birth certificate and find out she’s actually 32 years old.  Her look and her voice are so mature.  How is it possible that she is only 18?!  Crazy town.

Did you know that the same Stinging Nettles we all try to avoid touching on our bare skin are the very same Nettles that you can pick and turn into deeelish steamed greens?  I guess I never put two and two together but I’m glad I was clued in!  I made Nettlekopita!  Stay tuned for linky love and photos tomorrow.


This weekend I finally get to go back to Vancouver and visit my darling Catriona!  It’s been almost a year since my last trip.  I know this because it was during Playoffs last year.

The first thing she and I are doing after she retrieves me from the ferry is heading for the border.  Finally!  Our very own cross-border trek to Bellingham to raid the Trader Joe’s!  I already have a list as long as my arm, but pleeeeeease leave us comments here on what we must buy!!

While you are at it, if there’s any other must stop stores, restaurants, or touristy things between the border and Bellingham let us know.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Tamara said...

This is very timely! I already have a trip to Bellingham planned because I MUST go to Trader Joe's if I am that close! Hmmm, maybe I need to come see you first to sample the spoils of your trip :) and get some ideas.