Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend fun with boats, borders, and Trader Joe’s!

On Saturday morning I was on a boat.  A BC Ferry to Vancouver to be specific.


Then I was with Catriona and Sarah as we waited over an hour to cross the border into the US of A.


Where we immediately bee-lined for outlet stores and grocery mecca.  Hello Bellingham Trader Joe’s.  Nice to meet you!


Yep, I go out of my way to cross a border just to return with two new bras and two heaping bags of non-essential groceries.


As sustenance we required deliciously squishy beefy burgers and soda from a magic techie fountain.


And then we waited over 90 minutes to make our way back into Canada.  I’m not a fan of border patrol’s organization.  Nope.

But the copious amounts of red wine and girl talk took my mind off things (later that evening, not at the border!).

Sunday morning obviously required brunch.  As seen on TV brunch of course.  Nothing like a trek through East Vancouver to track down yummy bacon and eggs.


I highly recommend a vanilla milkshake alongside your scrambled eggs and coffee. 


And then I was back on a boat! 


And a city bus.  With two heaping bags of groceries.  Win!

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Christy said...

Ooh! I didn't know there was a five guys down there! Will have to hit it next time. We went to a fab mexican cafe for lunch called La Gloria in Bellingham. It had a neat mexican grocery attached to it, muy bueno! :)

Michelle said...

Awesome!!!! Being here in Winnipeg, I think nothing of driving two hours to Grand Forks, ND for the day to shop Target, kohl's etc. But they lack a Trader Joe's!! I have one sister in Van and one sister in White Rock and every time I visit, I make them take me to Bellingham. :) Just for the Trader Joe's.

Anonymous said...

I would have picked you up! Lord knows I owe you a few rides or so ;)