Monday, May 07, 2012

Bird Bath Herb Garden


Oh hello apple blossoms!  How pretty you make the back yard!


As much as I love my little condo with it’s even littler deck it’s sure nice that the boyfriend has a big house with a big yard.  Of course, a big yard means maintenance but as long as he doesn’t ask me to mow the lawn I’m pretty in love with helping him keep it all pretty.

Chibi likes to help by eating the grass.


Michael loves the idea of having an edible garden, as opposed to just pretty flowers that die off each year.  The majority of his property has either relatively mature fruit trees, or perennial berries and flowering shrubs and such.  So as he adds to the landscape he’s looking for tasty ideas to do it.

They aren’t perennial but herbs are always my first choice when someone says edible garden.  As we browsed around the garden center he came up with the idea of putting this defunct bird bath to use so we grabbed a few potted herbs and I put this together for him. 


Italian parsley, onion chives, dill, rosemary and oregano.


It came together easily, held just the perfect amount of dirt and even has a drain in the bottom.  The best part?  He has automatic sprinklers and one of them hits the herb bath just perfectly.

He doesn’t really have garden space for many veggies (yet!) but was eager to get something edible into this long garden along his fence.  We somewhat randomly decided on a variety of greens which should fill in very nicely over the next couple of months.


Kale, romaine lettuce, and mixed green, red, and purple leaf lettuces.

After we planted everything we covered it all with deer netting to keep this bugger out.  He’s a hungry boy!  Sometimes we think Burl is a vegetarian.


The yard also boasts blueberry plants and a ton of ever-bearing strawberries. along with a couple of apple trees, a cherry tree, and oddly enough two varieties of currants.  Next up we are hoping to find hanging tomatoes and cucumbers.

Does anyone know if there are special varieties to put in hanging baskets?  Or can we just chose some yummy looking cherry tomatoes and hope for the best?  (He has regular hanging pots, not those upside-down things).


Meet Timmy!  The newest member of our doggie brigade and Michael’s homestead.  Nothing says manly like a pug-chihuahua-x!  :)


This little dude is super fun, friendly and soooooo freaking cute.  He’s taken to his new home very quickly and keeps the other dogs on their toes. 

Here’s hoping he’s not a vegetarian!

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Lady J said...

Michael's yard is beautiful, I'll bet you're in heaven there. Jimmy is about the cutest little guy ever, wish I could find one just like him. Glad it's all working out for you and the dogs. :)

JavaChick said...

Tomato plants are usually quite big. Growing tomatoes in containers usually works well, as long as you have a big enough container; not too sure about hanging baskets though. Look for container varieties and try to find something that will not get too large.

Lovely yard, looks like fun!

a ji o ji suno ji said...

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Faiza Shafi said...

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