Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Taking May by the Horns

Huzzah!  It’s May!

Happy May to you to all!

I know, weirdo over here getting all excited about May.  I’m trying to instil some motivation into myself, OK?  So if that means getting all awkwardly excited about a new month then so be it!  Riiiight?

  • May means it’s thismuch closer to better weather (of course, our weather has been pretty decent, but you know what I mean).
  • May means it’s not only Mother’s Day but also my Mama’s birthday (both on the same day this year).
  • May means it’s my boyfriend Michael’s birthday (I see a request for Citrus Tart in my near future).
  • May means a lovely Victoria Day long weekend for us British Columbians (which comes along with an up island getaway with Michael this year!).

See, I’m not completely nutzo to be all excited. :)

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I need some motivation up in here.  I’m not going to beat myself up over April being less than stellar on the whole workout frontier but let’s be honest, it wasn’t good.  Not so awesome April. 

But it does stand to reason that since May starts with an M it must be Motivated May.  Logical, no?  Just go along with it OK?  I’ve been kind of using May 1st as my do-over benchmark day and here it is so it must be true!

Roadblocks (ie: what I think derailed me)…

  • Some stressful stuff going down at work.
  • Headaches galore.
  • Some weird vertigo-esque type ailment.
  • Lack of focus.

Fixer-uppers (ie: what I’m doing about it)…

  • Not letting work situations ruin my day.
  • Visited my RMT for a much needed loosening up.
  • Booked in with my chiropractor for neck and shoulder work.
  • Focusing on keeping work separate from day to day lifestyle choices.

Good stuff (ie: happy happy fun fun motivators)…

  • This weekend I was accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador!!  More to come on that but talk about the kick in the pants I needed.  Can’t be very influential about a fit life if I’m sitting on the couch drowning my sorrows in bonbons.
  • A few positive work related opportunities have arrived in my voicemail helping to turn some stress around.
  • I’m helping my Mom kick start a healthier daily menu and in turn it helps me to stay on track.  Working as part of team always helps!

So today I’ve already been out walking with the dog and started writing out this week’s menu plan.  Tonight I tackle a workout plan and lay out all of my gym clothes.  Tomorrow the treadmill is mine!

Anyone else need a kick in the arse?  I’m perfectly willing to dole out kicks wherever they are needed and happy to accept them in return.

Happy Motivated May!

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog about 3 years ago and love it! Congratulations on the FitFluential Ambassador title. It is so hard to stay motivated sometimes, but it ends up worth it.
I never regret doing a workout, but I regret not doing a work out.

Organically Mo said...

Congrats on becoming a FitFLuential Ambassador! That is such good motivation!

kylee said...

That is so funny your moms bday is on mothers day, so is my moms. And I read your post last year about mothers day (afternoon tea) and decided to do it this year with my mom and grandma! So excited. I read your post again from when you did it before I booked it because I wanted to be sure it is worth it ($$$!!!). I think there are other less expensive afternoon teas but I think my grandma will like it that its at the Emperess :)

Lady J said...

Kylee, I can pretty much guarantee your Mom and Grandma will love High Tea at The Empress. I'd never done something like that and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'm sure Jaime and I will do it again one year!! Have fun...

I want to thank my lovely daughter for helping me try to be a healthier me... believe me, it's not an easy task but she seems to be up to it. I love you daughter, with all my heart. xoxo