Friday, June 29, 2012

The Clay Pigeon

I have a new favourite eatery in Victoria.


Well, I call any place I want to go back and try everything on the menu my favourite.  But I would easily put this at the top of that list of favourites because even after two visits in two weeks I would gladly return tomorrow.


Any place that fits corned bison tongue, devilled eggs, and kale slaw on their daily menu is a candidate for a favourite restaurant in my books.  Especially since I now know they do all three of those things amazingly well.


Judging by the photos and the comments by my dinner companions The Clay Pigeon handles all of their comfort food options quite handily.  I’m sooooo getting that chicken pot pie next time.  Unless of course I get the lamb stew.  Um, or that freaking ridiculous Reuben sandwich again.  I’d do that.  I’d eat that sandwich over and over and over again.


On my first visit I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch special of yummy devilled tuna-egg sandwich with kale caesar salad.  A tuna-egg you say?  Yes, imagine a devilled egg with tuna salad instead of yolk stuffing!  Laid out a top perfectly chewy bun with fresh cukes and radishes.  Served with the zingiest, most garlicky, creamy kale caesar salad.  Must recreate!


On my second visit there, for our monthly girls’ dinner, I had already picked the Reuben out before we arrived.  Even once faced with all of the other delicious (and more dinner appropriate) meal choices I still knew I had to tackle that corned bison tongue and homemade grainy mustard.  And clearly I was not disappointed.


Soooo not disappointed.  The best part?  Half of it reheated and enjoyed in the comfort of my own home the next day.  If The Clay Pigeon wasn’t already a candidate for a new favourite eatery, the fact that one single sandwich filled my belly for two meals definitely found it a place on that list.

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DaMora said...

All of that food looked amazing. I can see why you would return.

And what a funny name.

Kelly Cook said...

ohhhh, we're attempting to go to Veneto tonight (the men won't stop talking long enough to leave the house) but now I want some Clay Pigeon goodness!!!

Nadia said...

Ooh! I can't wait to try this place!