Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fernwood Bites 2012

The only foodie thing I love more than a home cooked dinner party, or my monthly dinners out with my girlfriends, is a local food festival.  Victoria is an awesome place to live for this, as we are a food-loving bunch and there always seems to be someone planning an super yummy evening of fun eats. 

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I attended my first Fernwood Bites last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s smaller than some of the other local events…which on one hand makes it a bit squishier, but on the other hand makes it more fun!  I tried to talk myself into saving the price of a ticket this year and not going, but in the end I did some budget shuffling and decided to make it happen.

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And I’m so glad I did!

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Here’s a tip to avoid line-ups:  eat dessert first!  :)  When I got through the gate, my first mission was to get a beer sample (hello Hoyne Honey Hefe!) and find my friends.  I found everyone else was in line for the much talked about corn dog bites from The Superior booth so I waited for them while happily biting into an Ooh La La mini cupcake since no one else had headed for their sweet treat yet. 

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After that I felt ready to take my time wandering, chatting, and popped into whatever line-up seemed the shortest.  By the end of the evening I’d only spent time in two short line-ups and both were worth it.  Who wouldn’t wait 5 minutes for the perfect little corned beef slider from the folks at Stage?

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For me – and many folks I overhead chatting – the bite of the night was from Cook Culture.  Their Thai Green Curry Soup was so balanced and delicious.  I actually went back for a second cup, which I don’t normally do at these foodie events.  I couldn’t help it!  :)

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After about two hours I’d managed to sample every little thing except for some wines and coffee (and apparently I missed out on something super yummy from Kulu) and was sufficiently full and happy.  I had my eye on a couple of silent auction items, but sadly they were popular items and I was outbid.

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I toddled myself out of Fernwood with a warm belly and big grin and happily crashed on the couch with my sweetie for the rest of the evening.  A pretty perfect way to spend the first Sunday of the Summer I think.

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