Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Get Real(ity)

Last night I sat and watched Top Chef Canada, Top Chef Masters, The Bachelorette, Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen back-to-back-to-back-to-back.  Someone take my PVR away from me.  Someone slap my television choices.

Beware:  **spoilers abound!**


During Top Chef All-Stars I became a Top Chef addict.  I luuuuurve it.  Top Chef Texas was my favourite….soooo good!  I wasn’t so sure about the Canadian version when I started watching it a few months ago (I missed Season One) but when I began watching the season finale last night I realized I was actually nervous to see who won. 

I totally hated that Trevor guy at the beginning but by the time he made it to the Top 3 I was routing for him.  He came a long way and it was really cool to see him find his creativity and rediscover himself.  Although, David was my favourite and I was sad to see him bugger up his finale dinner after he managed to get back into the game at the last minute.

Even though he’s an Island boy, I’m not sure I would have chosen Carl as the winner last night.  Serving ice as a course seemed like a bad decision and no one was really overly impressed with his dessert, but what do I know?  I guess carving a rack of elk tableside earns you an extra edge to win!  If only Jonathan hadn’t made a donut as the dessert choice for his Pan-Asian meal I think he might have won the whole thing.


Somehow I missed the first episode of this season of Top Chef Masters.  Doesn’t my PVR know it’s rude to skip a taping of Curtis Stone?  Geeeeeze.  It’s OK though because this was the Mad Men inspired episode so I could really care less what happened last week. 

But honestly, who asks master chefs to make something gross like Ambrosia Salad?  Poor guy.


Only one episode of MasterChef in and I already have a favourite.  Anyone else just love that 7 foot tall basketball guy?  You could just feel his love of cooking ooooozing out of him while he prepared his meal and chatted with the judges.  I’m such a sucker for those ‘real deal’ fellas!  Swoon.


I came to the very quick conclusion that I hate Hell’s Kitchen.  Love Gordon, hate that particular show.  Do they go around looking for the trashiest, least educated, most annoying cooks they can find for this show?  Watching just 20 minutes of it was like enduring nails on a blackboard.  I turned it off, hit delete, and won’t look back.  Buh-bye. 


In other reality TV news, I’ve surprised the hell out of myself by really enjoying The Bachelorette.  Like, REALLY enjoying it.  Either this season is actually entertaining and she’s not a totally annoying bint, or I’m just way too bored in the evening.  I hope it’s the former.

I never watch The Bachelor.  I’ve tried a handful of times but I can never stomach any of it.  But I’ve watched two seasons of The Bachelorette (Ali previously) and find myself looking forward to the next episodes.  I think it’s because I prefer the house full of guys versus the house full of girls that turn out to be loud, crazy, catty wenches that annoy me to no end.  The men get catty too but not in the same insane-asylum kind of way.

This time I think I’m enjoying it because Emily’s story is different and she appears to be somewhat ‘normal’.  I also love that she seems to be quite in tune with what is going on, and doesn’t pull any punches.  No one’s pulling anything over on her (or so the editing shows us) and she’ll happily kick anyone to the curb that doesn’t cut the mustard.  She doesn’t make all of womankind look stupid like some of the previous contenders have.


While we’re talking about Reality TV I might as well chime in on American Idol.  So glad Phillip Phillips won!  I loved him from the beginning but honestly figured he’d get voted off somewhere along the way.  The producers really saved the day for him with that finale single ‘Home’ which I’m pretty sure every viewer fell in love with.  I used my last iTunes credit to buy it.  :)


Or how about my favourite, The Amazing Race!?  I sooooo badly wanted for those Kentucky boys to win.  Didn’t you just adore them??  In the end, the winning team deserved it because they really did kick ass all the way through the race but I’m always fighting for the underdog and hoped that the boys could have made it through.  Such is life.  I’m just glad that assface JJ and his buddy didn’t win.  That guy made me want to punch the TV.


Oh, and let’s not forget Survivor!  Seriously one of the best seasons I’ve seen in years.  Especially after that horrible Colton had to leave (ugh, I really hope if he’s in the next season he tones down the annoying douche factor!).  I’m glad Kim won and that no one back-doored her near the end.  Even if you don’t love how some people play the game, it’s always nice to see the people that do a lot of work get the reward in the end.  And she worked really hard to get the win.


So I guess next up is Big Brother.  I don’t know when I became this awful Reality TV whore but I’ll blame Big Brother for some of it.  I got sucked in to this one during it’s first season and along with Amazing Race this is one that I’ve never missed a season of.  Lord only knows why!


So now it’s your turn.  I know I’m not the only one that watches a bunch of this crap!  :)  How are you feeling about some of the recent winners?  Love them or hate them?  What’s your favourite show?  Are you routing for anyone in particular on the current shows?  Tell meeeeeee!

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Michelle said...

I've yet to watch an reality cooking shows yet but you're making me thing I should be!!! I'm a reality whore for all the other big ones. BB, AR, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Survivor. I was totally cheering on Kentucky but I did feel like AR handed them that last challenge knowing it was a non-elimination leg because he was ready to quit dancing and quit. They tried to keep them in it but it was too late. I never want to see Brenchal on any show every again. I am extremely happy with Kim winning Survivor. She was the best all-around player i've seen in a long time. who else wins the big money, the fan favorite money and manages to finish with no one actually hating her??? That was stellar.

Yep, can't wait for BB to start!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for Big Brother!!

Jen Nifer said...

I can't wait for BB to start either. I hope it's good this year!

Amazing Race... agreed. I wanted Kentucky boys to win.

Top Chef Canada... I called Carl from the beginning! Although, I didn't always think he deserved it.

Masterchef... watching it for the first time right now. From the preview - proud of the blind woman!

Agreed... bless the PVR!

AndreaClaire said...

For the first time ever, I got to the end of AR actually hating all the remaining contestants. I was hoping the Kentucky boys would pull out an upset, but sadly... :( Out of the three of them, the winning team was my least hated but that's not saying much. Watching their relationship disintegrate into name calling and accusations every time they weren't kicking butt just really started to wear on me. Still, as long as the green team didn't win, I was okay with the outcome. Art and JJ bugged me because they behaved like 12 year old girls about the roadblock thing and were arrogant picks a lot of the time, but the green team, ugh. HATED THEM! Her voice could be used to cut glass.

Tamara said...

Not that I needed any more reason to think you are awesome but I 100% agree with you on everything. Haha! David was our favourite too. We love Emily. She's very real. Absolutely love Philip Phillips. I downloaded the live version of Volcano and the Damien Rice version and have been listening to them constantly. That 7 foot tall guy is adorable. The only difference is we will probably continue to watch Hells Kitchen because it is so surreal. Paige laughed pretty hard at your description of the contestants :)

This post makes me wish we could hang out lots! :)

Trevor is opening a restaurant on 4th Ave. in Van. Go and tell me how it is!

bigfrancesca said...

I know this is totally off topic for this post but I just wanted to tell you that you are my enchilada hero!!! :) I mixed your cream cheese enchilada recipe with your other enchilada recipe with sweet potatoes and let me tell you it was heaven!!!! My 8 year old who is the most super duper picky eater ever, couldn't get enough!! I can't thank you enough.