Monday, June 25, 2012

Our First Harvest!

The bird bath herb garden has been being put to good use since about the third day it was planted.  Everything I cook or prepare over at Michael’s gets itself a handful of fresh parsley, dill, chives, rosemary, or oregano.  I’ve pinched a few bunches to bring home for my weekday meals as well.


Yesterday I decided it was time to start enjoying the lettuces and kale that have quintupled in size in what seems like overnight.  During a lovely burst of warm sunshine I grabbed the clippers and made my way down to the garden and collected a massive armload of fresh leaves.


Even with the onslaught of caterpillars that seem to be cocooning every inch of fence, tree and blueberry bush, all of the green leafy veggies seem to have escaped unscathed.  I gave everything a lovely icy cold water bath just to be sure, then divided everything into batches wrapped in paper towel.  We both have more than enough lettuce to make bigass salads all week!


The rest of the yard is looking lovely too!


We are excited that the strawberries are all flowering and filling out, and at least half (of the zillion) plants are starting to produce berries!  Can’t wait to be picking batches of fresh berries for breakfasts every weekend like we did last year.


The new blueberry bushes seem to be gaining ground now too.  I swatted about a hundred caterpillars from the branches but the new growth looks like it’s winning the battle.

Maybe we’ll be making blueberry pancakes to go with our strawberry topping this Summer!

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