Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Canada Day Getaway (part 1)


This past weekend Michael and I were invited to join some of his family for an RV getaway.  When we were offered up the master bedroom in this beauty it was hard for us to say no.  Nothing says camping like indoor plumbing. :)


Yes.  It’s basically like driving down the highway in my apartment. 

Of course the doggies made themselves right at home.


Clearly sleeping on the floor is far too rustic for our brood.

Don’t worry, we made sure to get really down to Earth…you know, with an extra beer fridge and outdoor entertainment system.  What?  You don’t have surround sound in your campsite?  You’re obviously doing it wrong.



As much as I enjoy regular ol’ tent camping I was sure glad we had a condo on wheels for this weekend, since the majority of the time it was raining.  Boooo hisssssssss.  Down with the ‘wet coast’!! 

Our first night was spent on the Spit in Campbell River.  The only scenic thing I saw the whole evening was this cruise ship going by.  The rest of the time it was damn near monsooning so I took the opportunity to cozy up inside and visit with Michael’s parents.  Civilized indeed.


The next morning we had no choice but to walk the dogs in the wet mess…at least we were right across the street from the beach.  We were sopping but the dogs were happy to get out and about.


This is my not impressed face.  Yup, that’s my Winter jacket…on June 29th.


The good part about the weather was that we were switching campsites (to a town with a better weather forecast) and we hadn’t shopped for groceries yet so the boys took me out to a local diner for breakfast.


We all know how much I love a true diner breaky!  Especially one from a cafe dating back to 194?  ha!  Thanks to the Ideal Cafe our blustery day was off to a great start.  Nothing like hashbrowns and bacon to get you in a good mood!

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Jessica said...

Awwh I love the spit... Ideal Cafe - not so much! hahaha but if you love a greasy spoon that's the place to be!!

Hopefully the weather sticks to the sunshine like it is right now!