Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Canada Day Getaway (part 2)


On Friday morning, after our greasy spoon breakfast and a stop at the supermarket for giant steaks and too many potatoes we were back on the road again.  This time we backtracked back to Parksville, where the weather was predicted to be better, and set up camp for the rest of the weekend.


The weather didn’t cooperate right away so there was a lot of just hanging out.  Crib and old school novels anyone?


Friday night the rest of our group arrived, the drinking commenced, steaks were barbecued and we managed to remain relatively dry.

Saturday morning didn’t look much better but after a few hours of lounging around the sun finally showed itself so Michael and I borrowed a vehicle and took our doggies to Parksville Beach.


The dogs were happy to have something other than lay about the motorcoach to do and I was happy to do something ‘vacationy’.  It’s amazing how a patch of sun and a beautiful view can totally turn a day around.


Back at the apartment campsite the weather turned a little grey again so we visited, we drank, we lounged some more, and I took on the task of making a comforting spaghetti dinner for the four of us.  And in typical rock star fashion we were in bed by 11pm.  Vacations are for sleepin’!

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Lex said...

OMG - I am so hooked on Seaglass I started eyeballing your pics...there's a gorgeous purple piece in your 10th pic. Gahhh I want to steal it up!!! (/random)

Lex said...

ok maybe it's just a shell.... hahaha.... I have a problem...!

Christy said...

LOL! Rest easy Lex, its just the inside of a mussel shell but they're pretty when wet. Sounds like you had a great trip Jaime, I need to get to Parksville! I'm super jealous of your motorcoach, my office-mate says he's had apartments that were smaller than that ;)

Lex said...

The darn shells always trick me! hahaha