Thursday, July 05, 2012

Canada Day Getaway (part 3)


Happy Canada Day!  OK fine, I’m late.  But it’s the thought that counts.

No better way to start a holiday Sunday than with hot coffee, a hot shower, and breakfast made by the whole crew.  Please ignore the amount of butter and carbs on this plate. :)


We could hear music and clapping from our campsite so Chibi and I took a walk around the corner to check it out.  The prep area for Parksville’s Canada Day parade was right behind our fence.  How festive!


After breakfast we took a drive into town to check out the mini-golf center.  Being a holiday, the place looked to be overrun with small children so we turned the truck around and headed to Rathtrevor Beach with our dogs instead.


This time of year the main beach is anti-dog but it’s a HUGE beach so we found a section we had all to ourselves and let the brood do some running.  (shhhhh….don’t tell!)


I spent my time enjoying the dogs frolicking and looking for interesting shells on the shoreline.  When I was a kid I would spend hours stomping on bull kelp and looking for sand dollars.  It’s still easily a favourite past time.


Sadly no sand dollars to bring home from this trip, but what’s this crazy shell/carcass/prehistoric sea creature we found?


After letting an amazing kite flyer tease Burl we headed back to camp.


But not without stopping for ice cream!  Tiger Tiger for the win.


Back at camp Michael cooked up a roast on the BBQ while we visited with the rest of our crew.  Monday morning then came too soon and it was time to pack up and head for home.


Our host dragged his motorcycle behind the motorcoach all that way and never even got to unload it.  Bad weather, bad! 

I’m not sure I can ever go back to regular camping ever again.  Someone needs to install a memory foam queen size bed and full indoor bathroom in my tent STAT.

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Christy said...

Its a chiton :) Regular camping seems so wrong.Who needs to rough it when you don't have to? Right? ;)

Lex said...


Amy said...

1) We're in a huge heat wave, and you guys are wearing sweaters. Crazy!

2) Do you like those Sue Grafton books? I have all the ebooks, but I've never read them.

Jaime said...

Amy: Ya, the books are good, easy reading. The Kinsey Malhone character is likeable and the stories are fun. I find that after a while the books all seem the same though so I read about 5 and then took a break before moving on to the rest of the alphabet.