Monday, July 23, 2012

Chore Day and Fast Food

After spending most of Saturday enjoying the sun, walking with the dogs, picking strawberries and hanging out in the hot tub I decided I had better put on my good girlfriend hat on Sunday and help out with one of the eighteen million projects going on at Michael’s right now.

While he and his buddy Len spent the day working on the pergola over the back deck…


I took turns between running errands to the home improvement store, picking up lunch, and painting the new baseboards and door trim for the basement suite.


I also spent half of the day laying on the couch nursing my back as it seems to have decided it’s been far too long since something went into spasm.  Booo.


Eats were pretty alright.  Michael made breakfast for me and Len, so I opted for half of what he was having.  And for lunch, burgers and fries were requested so I found a grilled chicken burger on the menu for myself so I wouldn’t feel left out of the fast-food fun. :)

1. Over-easy egg, sausage, grilled tomato, and whole grain toast.

2. Coffeeeeee with milk.

3. Kind bar.

4. Dairy Queen grilled chicken burger with no mayo, deli coleslaw, deli ancient grains salad.

5. Grilled bison steak, tomato & herb salad, steamed beets and greens.

6. Quadratini wafer cookies.

Not pictured are a couple of liters of water and several fresh picked strawberries and cherries. 

Here’s a good questionWhy don’t fast food places that are putting ‘healthier’ options on their menus give the option of a whole wheat bun?  That grilled chicken burger was low-cal and pretty tasty but the white bun was a topic of discussion at our lunch table (and weird for me to eat because I’m so used to whole wheat or sprouted grain breads).

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