Monday, July 30, 2012

Dog Day Weekend


Our weekend was relaxing yet crazy busy at the same time.  Saturday I spent a good portion of the day putting the final coat of white paint on all of the door and window trim in the basement suite, while Michael spent his day preparing his deck for painting. 


We took a much deserved pit stop at Qoola and then curled up on the couch to watch our ‘stories’ after dinner.  The Newsroom and Breaking Bad.

1. Coffeeeeeee.

2. Scrambled eggs with swiss chard, grilled ham, whole grain toast.

3. Watermelon with basil.

4. Cheese and salami.

5. Qoola Frozen Yogurt:  half chocolate topped with M&Ms and Crispy Crunch, half coconut with berries, mango and coconut, sour dinosaur garnish.

6. Grilled pork loin chop, boiled new potatoes with chives, salad.

7. Vanilla ice cream with peaches.


On Sunday morning we took our time walking the dogs and sipping our coffee before launching into our day.  Michael tackled painting his deck while I opted to do some baking, some gardening, some errands, and some reading.


1. Whole grain toast with PB and banana.

2. Coffeeeeee.

3. Breakfast cookie.

4. Chinese leftovers found in M’s fridge. :)

5. Chilled chicken breast, ah-mazing corn on the cob, man salad.

6. Homemade cherry pie! with vanilla ice cream.


I’m so proud!  This pie crust turned out exactly how I love it. 


This batch of panzanella ‘man salad’ was made with toasted ciabatta, fresh tomatoes, basil, Italian parsley, finely grated Irish cheddar, EVOO, balsamic, and salt & pepper.  I could eat this


Sunday night we watched Batman Begins in anticipation of heading to see The Dark Knight Rises next weekend in between our next batch of renovations and chores. 

Sadly I can no longer stay over on Sunday nights with my new work schedule, but I looked at it as a nice start to my new week…coming home, prepping my lunch and outfit for Monday!

Hope you all had a fun, sunny, and delicious weekend!

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carla said...

annnnd now Im famished :)

abbott.simth said...

Painting his deck while opted to do some baking, some gardening, some errands, and some reading.